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Discussion in 'Motorized Trikes' started by SdCruizer, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. SdCruizer

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    My dad wants a motorized trike
    He has issues with his legs
    So I figure we can install a pull start, and maybe a cen clutch

    I have a few questions
    I have no idea where to start, how to build one
    I just did my own bike so I know only how to do that.

    Is there a kit for trikes?
    I saw this site http://spookytoothcycles.com/compon...age=vmj_ace.tpl&product_id=178&category_id=74
    Looks like you can convert a 2 wheel bike into a trike
    im assuming it comes with a way to mount the sprocket for motorized?

    Whats nice is the pictures they show is of my bike converted so at least it gives me a better idea

    But my dad has no problem buying a already made trike, or doing the conversion to a trike
    He has no bike so no matter what he will have to buy one

    im just trying to figure out how the rear sprocket is mounted, is there a special clamp you all use?
    I think everything else would be more like the normal 2 wheel install

  2. Daniel_62

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    The Motorized trikes are very Cool, I built the Schwinn Meridan with a Staton Gear drive kit and Robin Subaru 4 stroke, It was fun to build, but thats about it. If you can be happy say up to 15 mph It might be OK, but at 23-26 mph, Trikes are un stable period.
    Best of luck

  3. SdCruizer

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    well my dad just got this in today
    I think it goes 15 mph but has some sort of booster if you decide to pedal
    I guess he wants to try to pedal again
    Its alot better then his other e bike which was tiny and folded up
    This new one has better motor and battery

    So I guess the trike is on hold to see how this works

  4. ibronh

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    wanted a trike built a quad

    I just posted yesterday as a newby. I built a replica 1927 Mack C cab and am installing a 110cc 4 stroke. You can read my post from yesterday for the lengthy description. I will attach some photos to this post.

    I had a stroke and could not balance so I built the velocipede and being an engineer I went several steps further. I will be glad to pass on some info to aid your dad.

    Ron Harmon

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  5. HeadSmess

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    me myself personally wouldnt touch a trike based on a normal bike, and thats considering that im able bodied and can get off in a hurry! they fall over. very easily.

    once theyre laid back and recumbent, then they start appealing somewhat, and are even more ideal for the disabled or "balance impaired" types...

    tilting takes them to the next level of fun :) (google. "jetrike". )

    choices, oh so many choices! tadpole or delta? (twin front or twin rear)

    if you choose to drive two wheels, consider a differential, or cornering is even dicier than ever, when you intentionally have to lift a wheel to turn. the wider the "track", the less inclined it is to turn. proper difs for treadlies can be had (fitted to "greenspeed" trikes, etc) or can be modified from the good old 1/5 rc cars :) even 1/10 or 1/8 boxes can take a few horsies without self-destructing. a really smart person can make one from two extra cheap angle grinder gearboxes ;)

    one wheel drive works fine anyways. with a motor on one wheel and driving the other by pedals...hmmm...

    how about a sidecar conversion instead then the bike can stay just about stock!

    um. its harder to stand and "pump" the pedals on a trike...so gears are helpful, but still, too many gears is just being silly...

    last but not least, if i make a trike, sidecar, whatever... STORAGE! somewhere to carry junk easily :) thats my only requirement for one, really. otherwise, for me at least, whats the point?
  6. Jax Rhapsody

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    You can tack down or make your own differential trike like my Columbia or a Schwinn Town and Country. Personally I think constant one wheel drive is retarded. Unless it only has one rear wheel.