where we came from and our freedoms

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    Upon this Thanksgiving, my heart weighs heavy with thoughts of my friend Amanda Wienckowski who was murdered here in Buffalo. I gave a very full and accurate story to my Brothers here on MBC (whom I hope are all doing very well), please comment if you read this.

    I've been researching my family's lineage as point of interest for quite some time. I would learn that the Battle of Bennington was fought upon my family's farm. My earliest tracing of our history was 1679 in this Country although diaries leave many other clues.

    I don't speak of Amanda (although she was ace's), in a way to attract sympathy. Rather all of these things crisscross at most unusual (extraordinary) times. Several developments have taken place very recently, please google her name.

    Several spirited debates have taken place here about our Nations founding.

    If you are an American w/ roots here and need help tracking them down, speak up! My family proved to be of the toughest, because Spain wanted us dead and our last name was changed several times. I'd like to believe my GGGG Grandfather was a War hero in sheltering General Stark and his men, however our diary indicates it was fight or be sent to Spain for execution.

    There has been much argument as too what God our Nation was founded under and what freedom of religion meant to our Colonists. Here is ONE GREAT FILM! Watch both parts. I'm part Native and get to ask where has our freedom and original way of life went. My God, you's will love this if you have roots!

    As for myself and Amanda,the time we spent here talking was more about why rather than if or who God was. She had a real good spin on things and never hurt anybody. In fact she'd take it personal if she couldn't make you laugh.


    ENJOY! www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N3Uyf-Fg_M
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