where would one find either 27 or 32 tooth sprokets?


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1:05 PM
Nov 4, 2008
im hoping to start a schwinn stingray build with the 80cc HT motor kit i bought from ebay....however i was thinking of purchasing a smaller sproket for the rear wheel....it comes with a 44t one, which gets 26"ers with this kit to do around 25mph...however the stingray uses 20" rims (probably more around 22+ though due to the large rear tire)....this would mean topping out at around 20mph, which for me is kind of slow...

im sure this question has been asked alot before, but i did a search, and i could only find a few posts mentioning a 27t sproket, but nothing after that....and i checked spooky tooth cycles as well...the smallest sproket they carry is a 36 tooth....

ive done a little research on this 80cc kit, and i know its not the highest of quality, but when working properperly its got enough oomph to it to handle a 27t sproket.....so does anyone know where i could find one?

a 27t would be great, but if a 27t cant be found, i can settle for a 32t....and it doesent need to have those 9 holes drilled in it either (though if one is found already pre-drilled, please feel no hesitation to post it :D )

You can look to : myspace.com/kingssalesandservice.

Hope this helps you.


PS - A 27T on a 20" wheel will act like a 35T on a 26" wheel....Not a problem oomph wise....I have had people running 27T on a 26" wheel in FL and they loved it!
hmm...well maybe i can opt for an even smaller sproket.....or maybe i can buy a smaller transmission sproket as well....

ill be sure to check out the myspace too...

Although not listed, we can go as small as (I think) 15T on a disc hub mount only.

well i think ill just stick with 27t....if it still doesent satisfy my hunger for speed then i can always get that 9 tooth sproket for the transmission...

kinda makes me wish i could get ahold of a 2 or 3 gear transmission from a pocketbike....i searched around but couldnt find any...and their probably expesive too...
Carrot. If you want more top end, and the 27t rear sprocket doesn't get it for you, you would want to look for a larger front sprocket. I'm not sure how much larger these things will accept.
true...i was saying i should get a smaller front sproket for more speed this whole time lol...

if i remeber right, 11t is about the biggest you can fit in these motors.....ive been doing some reading around though...i knew HT motors werent too reliable, but i didnt know they had THAT many problems....i hope mine holds together long enough...