Wheres the best place to get a helmet?

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    Hey guys, I've been trying to find a new bike helmet, but i havent been able to find a good place to get one. or does someone sell them? usually my boyfriend just takes care of this stuff for me, but we just broke up...and ive never bought anything online before so i have like no idea what im doing....ive been trying to find a pink motorcycle helmet like the one in this blog, but i havent been able to find one...does anyone have a good website they could recommend to get one at? thanks a ton!


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    Take a look at REI's helmet selection, which includes several paintable models. Not the cheapest, but REI generally sells quality goods.
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    Whatever helmet u buy get something descent...........$2 head,$2 helmet.
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    G'day Fetor. Any way to contact you? We need to have a chat about Aussie regs.
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    I really like my HCI "pudding bowl" helmet, which I ordered online. It's basically a knock off of the Davida helmets, but at like one-fourth the price. It's also a DOT approved motorcycle helmet. I saw a pink helmet with a rose on it ("the pink lady rider") at their international website:


    You should be able to find US dealers at the site.

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