where's the painting, stickers and decal forum?

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    hello administrators.
    i joined just the other day, although i have used this site as a source of information for a long time, and seriously appreciate the content. in all my searches i haven't found much if any specific info on what paints MBers use, or what company produces stickers and decals that members like and etc. maybe if there was a forum dedicated to the topic that info could get passed around in an easier to access manner. thanks for looking!:idea:

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    Note - If you use the site search with "painting," "decals," or "finishing" as the search term, you should get plenty of hits.

    I used "painting" and the 4th thread down, (at least, today) was graucho's thread titled "Painting our Bikes." graucho is a perfectionist, AND he posted links to videos of his techniques for airbrushing. Within the videos, he has pages of links to other resource sites. Highly recommended...
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