Where's the rain-wear thread?

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    There was a GREAT thread I saw a few months ago at the beginning of the season that I can't seem to find. The two "crazy" guys from Alaska (neither of which can I recall their screen names) had posted a plethora of information. I'm sure it's around here somewhere but at the same time, I'm not so sure. I remember distinctly one of them mentioning HellyHansen but a search for 'Helly Hansen' and 'HellyHansen' both came up with no results and a bunch of searches using various combinations of 'rain, gear, wear, etc' netted me tons of off-topic results.

    Does the thread still exist?

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    Crazy.......CRAZY....hey, we resemble that remark. :jester: Anyway, there are three of us actually. Alaskavan is the craziest from Haines, and Cargomaster and Ibdennyak are from Juneau. There was a fourth member, Augidog who has resigned from the forum.

    Anyway, Helly Hansen is a heavy duty rain gear worn by fishermen in general, and everyone here. Comes in forest green, or pumpkin orange for the well dressed Alaskan. It is fairly expensive compared to the normal yellow vinyl fair generally available. Plan on spending $200 plus to be attired as a well dressed Alaskan. It also works well for crawling around under buildings when it is muddy, or changing oil in your Kenworth if the oil likes to splash off the front axle.

    To complete the ensemble, any lined out Alaskan will be wearing a pair of Xtratuffs. This rubber footwear is considered acceptable in the day to day routine as well as weddings, funerals, and any other social function you may wish to attend. I wore my *lowcuts* to the Governors Dinner a couple of years ago. They can be found in almost any Alaskan store for about eighty or so bucks, but only come in brown with dashing yellow piping on the top. However they are available in the tall version, short version (for the low water days) and even come insulated, and with steel toed protection....at extra cost of course.

    For more information type Helly Hansen (with an e) in your browser, and it will bring up all sorts of information including where it is available locally, or on line.

    Thanks for the kind words by the way. :bowdown:
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