Whic Bike Rack For Heavy Motorized Bikes?

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    Which Bike Rack For Motorized Bikes?


    Enroute to work, the pedal chain on "the Dragon Lady" slipped off and shortly after I got a flat on the front tire. Drat! I'll be late for work.

    Luckily I was on the bikepath a mile from home when this happened. My son brought my tools and the van. Time was precious so I removed both tires, drained the gas into a container and carefully placed everything into my van. Son dropped me off at work and took the bike home in pieces. I reminded him not to smoke while driving because of the bike's gas fumes.

    After lunch I walked over to the bike shop and inspected a bike rack I'd phoned and asked about. As luck would have it, son walks into the bike shop with my front tire. They changed the tire and installed the bike rack while we waited. The rack is a Saris 801 Bones 3, made to safely carry three bicycles. I figured this would be strong enough to carry "The Dragon Lady", my heavy bike.

    This is the rack: http://www.orsracksdirect.com/saris-bones-trunk-bike-rack-3-801.html

    If all goes well, I should be transporting my newly-purchased 130-pound motorized bicycle home on my new rack. That way I don't have to borrow my friend's truck to pick it up.

    SO my question is...How do you transport your motorized bike for whatever reason?
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