Which bicycles will defintely work with the Whopper Stopper/Honda GX-50???

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    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to compile a list of which bikes will defintely fit the Whopper Stopper 4-stroke/Honda GX-50.

    I would like this list to be accurate, so please only list bicycles that you own or have seen with the Whopper Stopper/Honda GX-50 installed or have seen photos of with the Whopper Stopper/Honda GX-50 installed.

    I have seen the Whopper Stopper/Honda GX-50 installed in the:

    1) Schwinn Jaguar (discontinued)

    2) Schwinn Skyliner (discontinued)

    3) Schwinn Alloy 7 (a bit pricey at $339) http://bicyclesource.us/itemdetails.cfm?ID=19792

    4) Schwinn Aluminum Comp Mountain Bike


    I have a Whopper Stopper coming and am trying to find a MULTI-SPEED cruiser to put it in. The Schwinn Men's Skyliner would have been perfect (with its 21-speeds) but I can't find it online anymore.


    Does anybody know of any multi-speed (minimum of 7 speeds) cruisers that will DEFINTELY fit the Whopper Stopper?

    Many thank yous!

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