Which bike for cross-country trek(no pun intended)

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    I'm am stuck working overseas for a year right now with limited fun times. So I have been reading and contemplating a cross-country trip as a vacation when I return to the states (Inspired by a ride report called "Sydney to Londen on a moped named Dot"). This is purely in the mad-man brainstorming stages right now, so it may or may not happen.

    I have decided that if I was going to do it, I would use a GEBE with either a 32 or 40 Tanaka because of the limited drive train power loss compared to systems with a gear box.

    My current bike is a nice DB mountain bike with disc brakes. Two problems though are: 1. Riding position too uncomfortable for all day long, 2. The frame "pinches" in the back and is too narrow to fit the drive ring.

    I am interested in a bike that has:
    -A steel frame
    -Front suspension
    -Not over 300-400 $
    -Comfortable riding position (not recumbent)

    Seems like the name brand bikes use aluminum frames, and I would be worried about them cracking over 3k miles of weighted down abuse.

    What do you think? Any reputable beach cruisers out there? I know Bamabikeguy used a "standard" bike, but not sure what type it was. Wish he was here to offer his advice.


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    Check out spookytooth cycles. They have some very nice solid tough frame bikes, you can even convert the bike to a trike. I have built a trike from an add on kit from them and it is superb. Advice get a big texas saddle seat. (smile) Oh another thing, for long trips use a 4 stroke motor. 2 strokes just don't have the muscle to make long trip,. cross country a 2 stroke would probably never make it.
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    Well, anyone that has owned a Tanaka would go heads up on that. The Tanaka's are really industrial motors and can produce over 2.0 horsepower from 40 cc's and close to 3 hp with a 47cc. If you doubt this, PM augi or any of the GEBE 2 stroke guys and gals here. BTW the more the Tanaka's are used the faster they go.:helmet: