Which bike for TALL man?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by rimfirekyle, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. rimfirekyle

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    I have a freind who has comissioned me to build him a motorized bike. He is 6'6" and weight 210 lbs. Can someone help me choose a bike that would be a fairly easy build and still be big enough for my friend? Thanks in advance...

  2. GearNut

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    I am 6'7" , 195 lbs and I comfortably ride a 26" Atlas. It is a traditional cantilever framed bicycle.
    Pretty much the same as most Schwinn beach cruisers and the common Schwinn knockoffs available.
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    Most beach cruisers are medium sized frames, but you can make it more comfortable for a big rider with a layback seatpost and ape hanger bars.
    Shaq rides a Cannondale Mountain bike. You can get mountain bikes in large and extra large frame sizes.
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    There is a new 29 in wheel Cruiser bike currently being sold at WalMart stores and on their web site that would be Ideal for a tall rider. Its called the Genesis Onyx http://www.walmart.com/ip/Genesis-Onyx-29-Cruiser-Bicycle/16203481 I went to a local store last weekend to look at one of these it is a large bike. I don't know of anyone that has actually put a motor in one yet but I'm sure members will be doing it very soon. There is plenty of room in the front triangle for a motor 2-stroke or 4-stroke. The Larger dia. wheels and tires will require a different rear sprocket I'm sure and also the fact the the wheels use 48 spokes rather than the normal 36 found on 26 in wheel cruisers might require some creative solutions but I'm sure these things can be easily solved and would make for a great ride for a Taller Person.


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    yep annnnn i wount those wheels for my new build
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    well knowing you posted this comment about 2yrs ago...i'm sure you already built his bike. however I went and looked and rode a few different stretch beach cruisers...I'm 6'6 and it felt really nice to have the extra leg room and overall length
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    Rim, I also am 6' 7", and weigh 260...........I've been riding a Schwinn 29 er. Uno, when I'm a few miles away from house, it seems that I worry more about the bike staying in one piece, than anything else?!~ I've gone through 2 700c rear wheels so far, sitting at 825 miles now. Anyway, I know that any of these bikes aren't really designed for that kind of load, let alone any engine that can push it over 30mph...............

    Anyway, you only live once......................................

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