Which engine has more torque?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by iwasgandhi, May 30, 2014.

  1. iwasgandhi

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    The Tanaka PF-4000 2-stroke (with 2.2 hp) has 37.5% more horse-power than than the Honda GX35 4-stroke (with 1.6 hp), but does that mean it also has more torque for climbing long, steep hills at lower speeds?

    I ask becaue I'm trying to decide between the two engines for a Staton-inc axle mounted kit which I plan to purchase. I used to have the Honda on my axle mounted kit but wasn't satisfied with the torque.

    I've read on motoredbikes.com that some people think that a 4-stroke, such as the Honda, generally has more low-end torque than a 2-stroke. Is that, in fact, true and, if so, is it true for these two engines in particular?

    Thanks. :D

  2. darwin

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    Gearing being the same the Tanaka will have more torque, 1.6hp vs 2.2hp in the lab. Guys on here with Tanaka experience swear by them.
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    Go with the Tanaka PF-4000. Made in Japan vs. Made in Taiwan. Your only reasons why you should go with the Honda GX35 over the Tanaka is because the Honda is quieter and you don't have to mix the oil with the gas. That being said and you are planing on getting a noisy staton gearbox, there is no reason to get a quiet engine. Get the Tanaka. Go to Greener-Garden.com and beat statons price as well. $306 vs. $329