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Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by ator, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. ator

    ator New Member

    So, I've narrowed it down to 2 engines, the Honda GX35 or the Harbor Freight 52cc engine.
    From what I've read there are pros and cons to both:

    Honda seems more reliable, would be easier to start, 4 stroke, quieter etc... about $245 shipped

    Harbor Freight motor is larger(52cc), 2 stroke, more noisy, more powerful would cost $160 plus tax

    just wanted some opinions of those who use these engines, which one would be best


  2. strotter

    strotter Member

    Never dealt with harbor freight one. Honda will run forever!
  3. 2Fat2Pedal

    2Fat2Pedal New Member

    I've used 3: The Mitsu TLE 33 from vizamotors.com, a Tanaka TC-47 (non-R) and a chinese 50 cc 2 stroke (maybe similar to HF) all with 1.25 inch roller and BMP kit.

    1. Mitsu 33 is weak but reliable and light - 24 mph on flat and lots of pedal assist needed. It's a great engine if you don't mind helping up hill or in wind.

    2. Tanaka TC-47 - 30+ mph, very little pedaling needed, very reliable, almost impossible to find.

    3. Chinese 50cc - 30 mph, not as much power as the TC-47, but quite a bit more than the 33cc. hard starting and always breaking (pull start mostly).
  4. ator

    ator New Member

    where can I get the Tanaka TC-47? How comparable is it to the Honda?
  5. 2Fat2Pedal

    2Fat2Pedal New Member

    The TC-47 doesn't seem to be available anymore, You can get the Tanaka pf-4000 which will run you around $375-400 shipped. The Mitsu 33 cc from Vizamotors is a bargain at $165 in my opinion. Mine came with a tank (picture on viza shows it without a tank). Good luck.
  6. Basement_Modder

    Basement_Modder New Member

    Go with the HF engine. It can go very fast and has more power/ torque than the Honda. The noise can be taken care of with a custom small muffler.
  7. ator

    ator New Member

    what do you recommend to use for a muffler?
  8. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Hi, welcome to the forum. "best" is one of those things that depends on the user and the usage and performance expected. You asked for opinions so, best for me, hands down, would mean the Honda, the GX35 is a proven model. Dependable, quiet, a smooth performer.

    Will a 52cc 2 stroke have more power, it should since it has 50% more displacement, lol. Depends on what you're looking for though. BTW, in my experience, you can muffle the exhaust of a 2 stroke down to the point of affecting performance and it will still be loud because almost half the noise comes from the intake side.
  9. ator

    ator New Member

    I think I am leaning toward the Honda. I think reliabilty and how quite the engine is should be my first priority.

    Now I have been reading up on other 4 strokes and a new question is: Honda -vs- Subaru motor??

  10. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Toss a coin or take your pick, both equally good.

    For me it would just comes down to what's available in stock, how fast I wanted it, or something like that.
  11. ator

    ator New Member

    OK, so I ordered the Honda today, should have it in a few days, I'll post up some pics of the project when completed