Which frame/bike is most suitable ?


Aug 7, 2007
Greetings - it's been a long time since I've writen ... I have two babies that keep me busy but the bug has bit me again as it does every year so here I am back on the boards.

I am writing because I have purchased 2 stroke bike motors in the past and
have built 2 MTB's - one with a 48cc and one with a 70cc (often mislabeled as 80cc). And both projects worked out well.

Unfortunately, both bikes (I still have them and they are both running)
are on bike frames that are a bit too large for me. I have this
ambitious idea of commuting to work on my motorized bike (around 15
miles to and from) but having a bike that fits me "Perfect" will be
essential. That being the case, I will be selling both bicycles on
Craigslist and ebay to help subsidize my third build/project.

What bikes (including model name and brand) seems to work best with the popular Chinese 50cc/70cc 2 strokes that are common ? I don't want to drill the frame nor do I care to bend/create new mounts/straps or use multiple washers/spacers to make the motor "fit" properly and having my experience with my last 2 builds only tells me that so much fitting and experimentation is needed for best results. If anyone has any tips or suggestions to share with me that will help me side-step that experimenting and fitting - I'd much appreciate it. I am 5'9 with a 30 inch inseam - if that helps you get an idea of the type of bike I'll need (and it's size) ... I have average DIY skills so I can do most of the "assembly" without any cursing but the trial and error part of the project is not something I care to do if I don't have to so if you can tell me what is MTB/Hybrid/Cruiser bikes are most suitable - it would
help a lot. I only care that it is strong/safe and that it has a working rear cassette and sufficient brakes (factors I normally question if buying a mass produced bike from a big box store due to the inexpensive components that come with them)

My projects have been MTB's in the past but I dont have any favorites and I am open to try a cruiser or hybrid bike to open up some options. If there are no new bikes on the market that are suitable - perhaps someone can rattle off a few old favorites that might be easy to buy on the used market ?

Al - Meer123

PS ... and if anyone has a bike in the DC Metro area that's suitable and for sale (more VA than DC or MD) ... especially if it's black ... I'd love to meet up with you and check it out

Large Filipino

I say get a mountain bike frame that the happy time would just fit like my bike and drop your seat way way down. Then get BMX bars or even ape hangers on that puppy.
Here's my Diamondback. This is common and some of us here has the taller frame. Check out the frame size thread below:

Notice how low I placed my seat. In fact,most of the time I sit on the rear rack. That's why the towel is there. Then the BMX bars make my ride comfy.

Here's a good thread on frame size:

And a thread that shows that ape hangers can look cool on a mountain bike frame:

And this thread shows you how to get your seat LOOOOOWW!!!!