Which goes first, magneto or CDI

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  1. Rich

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    i am having trouble starting my bike. there is no spark. i have put on a new plug wire and plug. still no spark. so what should i do now. the magneto or CDI or what?

    Please help!


  2. mickey

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    Try disconnecting the kill switch completely. More than one sparking problem has been fixed that way.
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    This section is for bicycle mods and repairs only. Not engine problems. You might try the frame or rack mounted sections.

    Thank You.
  4. Magneto will go 10 times before your CDI will go. They're both inexpensive.
    You'll probably see your thread in the Frame mount forum soon. This forum is for bicycle stuff.
    Lots of threads dealing with this. It's a pretty common thing.
    Remember your Happy Time is a very simple piece of machinery.
    Read all the stuff here. Tell us what you did and report.
    You'll get it. Were all here to help!
    Forget that white wire. Just cap it off.
    Black to Black,Blue to Blue.
    You want a kill switch? Throw away that push button and get a toggle switch.
    Then connect it to the blue wire. Don't ground it.

    Here's the kill switch thread:

    And maybe you can find something here:

    Let us know what's happening.
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  5. will_start

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    Hi Rich,

    I went through this whole process a while back.
    see the whole story right here....
  6. hot70cc

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    I hate to quote, but still on my stock magneto, and my 3rd CDI. I must have a really good magneto