Which is better belt or chain drive.

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    I am in the planning stage I need a LWB Recumbent with power assist, only when I need it.
    Is it better to have a long belt powering the rear wheel like to old MoPed bicycles, or a chain drive through 2 sets of reduction gears to get the right speed?
    Has any one tried it both ways?

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    I ordered a 26 speed Sun 26"/20" recumbent right after Thanksgiving...what ever happened to 3 day delivery on bikes, anyway??

    I'm putting a GEBE 35cc Robin/Subaru with 105" throttle cable modification, plus windshield, on it, plan on putting the engine and bike through a digital odometer type mpg/mph test...whenever Sun gets it's slow boat from China ashore, I guess.

    The trick to belts is get it lined up right from the get go, and don't let any overweight relatives get on it to pull a steep grade.

    If you let somebody else try it, inspect it afterwards, you can tell right away if they overdid it.

    Strangers riding your bike are the #1 culprit to belts, just like a reliable horse, it'll bite somebody else.