Which is better: Zbox or MBB Ped Bits

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Which is better?

  1. ZBox 48cc kit

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  2. Ped Bits F50B kit

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  1. The_Inventor

    The_Inventor New Member

    I need peoples opinon to settle an argument.
    So my friend brought himself a Zbox 48cc kit and I bought a MBB Imports Ped Bits F50B 48cc kit. So now my other friend wants a bike engine kit. I told him to get the MBB Imports Ped Bits F50B, and my friend told him to get the Zbox. On the ZBox site they say that any bike engine with a F prefix is useful only as a boat anchor. My friend belives this is true.

    So my question is which is better? And is the Ped Bits F50B only good as a boat anchor?
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  2. gothicguy64

    gothicguy64 Member

    personally id go the rock solid engines 48cc or the 66cc

    i have a hp1.5 ..48 cc thats 3000 km old an like new an goes 65 kph ...
    ohhh only rse work there motors

  3. cloud_2901

    cloud_2901 Member

    +1, I have a Zbox, they don't do ANYthing apart from put a new sticker on the motor and box.

    RSE Stage 2 has EVERYTHING replaced, bearings, gaskets, oil seals, cylinder head (!!!), dellorto carby, 2 litre fuel tank instead of stock 1.5L and I am definitely getting one when my current one goes boom and never wants to run again. They look a lot better, and as gothicguy says, they're the only people around that work their motors, everyone else just sells a stocker.

    $464 AUS for the stage 2 in 66cc, $414 for the 50cc version, so it's not as cheap as Zbox, but I reckon they'd be far, far better.
  4. blue 48

    blue 48 Member

    go the rock solid, mines the standard 50 cc, i ride it every day HARD :whistling:
    its done over 10 000kms still goes very strong with the right amount of maintenance. even the stockies have had the studs/bolts changed for better ones locktited ect and theyre all stamped with a build number.they just dont have any go fast goodies like performance carbs ect and best of all they have so many goodies for sale like bigbore kits billet heads and ceramic pistons:tt1: chek out their website they will also answer yor emails too:D

    as for the z box my friend got one the same time as me and from day one has given him grief:shout: you know like striped threads ect, its seized now and i have it for parts. straight out the box the head bolts were finger tight. aussie suppliers are thin at best but im always looking for 2nd hand parts and i land mostly old dead z boxes:annoyed:
    we have nothing on the americans theyve got killer stuff over there but localy rock solid is the clear winner here in oz (well thats my opinion anyways) :cool:
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  5. The_Inventor

    The_Inventor New Member

    I also need to know if the Ped Bits F50B is only useful as a boat anchor
  6. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    not voting.

    ive had good and bad from zbox, regards engines and or service (waiting 2 weeks for a cylinder only to find when i called that i had waited cus the guys on holidays and had to strip an engine...one phonecall and i would have said send the whole engine... it was urgent!)

    mbb had the parts for a 4stroke huasheng i had. good price, good service, but no response on a later query about other stuff. that could have been an issue at my end though. who knows.

    latest engine is from ebay, and..ive had issues from the word go? grrr. all simple but i havent had a head gasket like this one before...


    im really starting to think it had 2 for a reason :p

    also the carbs "notchy", but that could be cus i modified my first one and used it on all later engines, and havent had a standard one fitted before to compare against??

    so no. saying this vendor is better than that one is against my principles. ill buy from whoevers cheapest OR most convenient timewise.

    the answer is affected by so many variables.
  7. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    ps. you pull any of these motors apart? if you can find me any sort of serial number or batch number or production mark... let me know ;) so all this f50b is a boat anchor is nonsense, imho. i havent found any way to distinguish this one from that one unless its a different capacity! (the zbox site also tells you to use the white wire for the killswitch :rolleyes7: )

    get an engine, set it up correctly with some thinking, knowledge, and unfortunately, experience, and theyll perform fine.

    rush at em like a bull in a china shop and go figure :) i have friends like yours too :p
  8. adrian101

    adrian101 Member

    F50 from mbbimports... Reason; Cheaper price for same quality of product.

    I'd go with the 49cc from rock solid. They make sure the engines are good before selling them to the public.