Which kit to Buy?

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    Alright, after many hours of searching and reading about engines, I still have no idea which kit to start with. I am looking to ride only about 8 mile per day over moderate hills. I am 175lbs. and will be adding this to an older 26" ten speed. As a farmer and a hot rodder, I am willing to do some deburring and port matching etc. What about the 2 piece cranks vs. 1 piece, how do you know what you are getting. For what I am looking for should I just buy some cheapy e-bay kit or spend the extra $50- on something better? Add to that the free shipping vs. $20 and up. Suddenly the affordable transportation can get quite pricey. The upgrades can all come later I just want to get on the road.

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    There are better engines/kits than the happy time/china girl engines. Try bicycle engines in Google and see what you get.

    You get what you pay for, especially in this instance..
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    Do you have picts. of the bike you plan on motorizing?
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    I have 1 bike 1 trike I do not know what engine designation applies in the states,Here in Aus. we have off the shelf,KIT, F80 A80 R80 The only diff I can see now is between A80 and R80 one engine is 6:1 A80 other 9:1 R80 The kit comes from China and the luck of the draw is if it all works ... Both engines I purchased in kit form did not start from new.... First engine had casting minor fault magneto side ,NO SPARK.. slight grinding to align magneto yoke to crankshaft and GOOD to go... 2nd engine flower nut not on right at clutch side once again minor rectification... I ride both machines 8Klm to s/market and back constantly. No problems... Bike with R80off the shelf 9:1 comp. Great ride and will give more frights than are good for you,Trike with A80 small rear wheels ,and its all about gearing will climb a wall,I push the pedal once on this thing and that is it it will go forever uphill and down dale, and I live in the country with some pretty mean hills.My story to the new, would be Buy a mid range priced kit,fit it get it to work and see if you like it... Your prices in the states are almost identical to ours,Kit $165- $185 Try it on a cheap Walmart/Big W /KMart I used Grand kid leftovers,after that If that is your bent move into modifications. China make these things for a market of a Billion people,sure there not all going to be perfect,cop it that is mass production and for what you pay for what you get its a damn good deal.. I read on this forum and other places about made in China, What you pay for is what you get,as an old Tradesman ,most Makita tools in Aus come from China,Most DeWallt also some many others to numerous to mention.Most Outboard Motors under 9Hp have all been made in China even for the US market for 10 years, All that changes is the decal on the cover... Give an Ebay Kit a Go if you happy take it further with the great help you will get from the people on this forum.. OH and bye the bye ,have been to USofA West coast only and a big thank you to the people who all made us feel so welcome. China 1 Billion,USA when I was there 390million Australia 24million and a land mass almost up there with America, We have to travell a long way to everything.. As an aside my first car was a 1936 5 window coupe,Ford of course, no three windows or anything really cool ever made it here,Channeled over the chassis, Original flathead valley cover drilled out risers out of 1"tube and triple Stromberg 97's NO ELDELBROOK or any off the shelf gear...I digress try the bike have fun ask the members I have not had as much fun since the early days,and I love to see some of those unmade gravel roads zipping by under me wondering what the hell if something malfunctions Sure as **** you will know your alive!!!!!!!
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    There's 4 building philosophies.

    1) Spend the money for a high quality kit from the start.

    2) Buy a cheap kit then spend the money to upgrade it.

    3) Buy a cheap kit ride it till it blows then replace it with another cheap kit.

    4) Do a non-kit build.
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    Thank you, those were my thoughts as well. Which led me to the old dilemma, pay for it now or pay for it later. I am thinking more of the cheap side and see how long I can get away with it (both before it gives out and with the police). Plus, being on a shoe-string budget doesn't help. This time I am rejuvenating a 30year old Sears 10spd with new bearings, tires etc. Next time who knows, might make an off road version to ride through our fields instead of walking.

    Thank you for the insight as far as quality control or lack there of. I always expect to do some honing on anything mechanical. As for your '36, it sounds awesome! We would call that East Coast style being channeled and not chopped. You cannot say that nothing really cool came to Aus. My father had a '33 Willys roadster 1 of 3 in the US, and I understand they were much more common in Aus. West Coast, Pamona swap meet?

    Thank you guys, I think I'll get a cheapy kit on the way and let you know how it comes along. I would love to support the advertisers on this site but, when I go to a webpage and it says 'NEW 2011 models!' it leaves me doubting a bit.
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    Okay, so I ordered a cheapie kit from e-bay. I ordered one from lalexander711 because they claimed to have some of the 'updated' parts. For the extra $20- I took the chance and it payed off. Heavier clutch lever, better chain, half decent tensioner, good fuel shutoff and an instruction manual-with pictures of someone actually building the kit. The book alone I think was worth it. Delivered to my door for $157- not bad.
    What I did before install,
    -gasket matched the intake 5-min
    -cleaned up jug casting at intake and exhaust port 5-min
    -cleaned up gasket surface on head and top of jug with 400 grit and a piece of glass. (no lapping bar)
    blue loctited everything back together.
    Of course there was alot of adjustments, like making the front motor mount just as expected, adjusting the angle of the tensioner, hand fitting a size 41 half link to the chain, heating and bending the exhaust to clear the pedals etc.
    Day 1, ran great right out of the box. Fuel running out of every gasket on carb, replaced with automotive gaskets.
    Day 2, starving for fuel. Found rubber inside of carb-mounted shutoff destroyed. I made a blockoff plate and rely on the tank mounted shutoff.
    Day 3, ran great. Died out on road, found choke to be rattling closed. Bent lever to catch on said carb-mounted fuel shut off.
    Day 4, ran great. Carb rattled off and pedaled home. Sanded paint off of manifold and carb mounting surface.
    Day 5, so far so good.
    So, these have been fun days riding about 10 miles per day with both hills and flats. Fun is passing the Amish and Mennonites on their pedal powers!
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    Jerry is absolutely right. I would personally go with option 1. www.biktrix.com has great products. They sell 48V 500W/750W Bafang motors with Samsung 10.4Ah battery around $1000. Go check it out. Contact them with your shipping details and tell them you are a MotoredBikes forum member - they may give you a discount!

    Hope this helps.

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    He's on a shoestring budget, $1000 is not shoestring.Maybe put your advertisement in the vendor area.