which lead acid battery to buy?

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    One of the three 12 volt lead acid batteries is not taking a charge properly and I'm looking to replace probably the three. Are there brands that are really recommended as being well made etc? I suspect that mine are of the cheapest variety as they came as part of a kit from California. Thanks Tom.

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    B&B is a good brand.. Gruber is also ok.. but there are many other good SLA ( have to cringe at typing that after using lithium for years now.. but sometimes good old tech does the job .. so )

    Best bet is to go to a local battery supply store and get fresh 12v 12ah bricks, i would recommend not buying 1 brick to use with old worn out one's.. get 3 identical and from the same batch bricks..

    Buying online can be a crapshoot, sometimes you end up with old bricks and they are a waste of time and money, you want fairly fresh one's that have been kept fully charged and maintained.. local supply stores go thru heaps of them for mobility scooters etc and are usually the best bet.

    make sure to individually fully charge each brick seperately with a 12v charger, then build the 36v pack and bulk charge..

    if you swap a new brick with partially worn out or discharged bricks, and use a 36v charger, you will over charge some of them ( and boil them dry ) while others are not going to fully charge, resulting in a big fail..
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    lead acid batteries

    Thanks, that's exactly what I did. I actually got ones that are 14 ah the same size. Regards, Tom.