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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by ddgreen, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. ddgreen

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    Help.. which motor should I get no name china made or sky hawk china made or grubee also china made. help... help...anyone have info.:confused:

  2. mastafoo

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    if you want to have a "fun" experience installing and maintaining a noname happytime china engine, go ahead - they're only 120 bucks for a full kit, probably $60 for just the engine block. Use it for 1000 miles or so, and get another (they're basically disposable...) If you are willing to fork over more cash, get a quality 4 stroke Japanese engine so you can ride it for the rest of your life...
    Keep the little details in mind too... if you can find an engine with a built in alternator that's a big plus (no worries about batteries, lights, etc..)
  3. mattysids

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    Well even with the skyhawk, it is still a piece of junk that will not last very long

    Being 15, I cannot afford the nicer engines, and after some bad experiences with evil vendors, I came across dax

    His engine has given me nothing but pleasure for its life so far and i highly recommend it, but it's still a happytime

    So just like mastafoo says, cheap kit from dax=great experience but iffy on the reliability aspect (requires lots of tinkering)

    really nice 4 stroke from any number of vendors=ultra reliable with set and forget parts that will carry you until you're an old man
  4. tacoshell4

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    starfire gen 2 steel jug
  5. Mountainman

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    bout sums it up

    bout sums it up -- up top the mountain
    two friends bought the HT's
    pretty much parked now -- neither got 500 trouble free miles
    one guys was falling apart on the way home -- first ride

    my Robin well over 2 thousand miles
    had one slight miss -- added sea foam to gas -- purring like a kitty
    that's what I am looking for in a motorized bicycle
    don't ride it that much lately
    but like the other day -- when I was ready for a ride -- so was she
    San Diego = excellent riding -- beaches - mountains - desert long roads
    God's country

  6. cycledude

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    as far as the experience i get enough with my motorcycle, my 10 speed and the other junk i have.
    I was looking for something reliable to go to the store and not have to pull my truck or my bikes to do so.
    i would not mind paying a little more for a nice 2 smoke (strong), looks a little weird when you get all the stuff for 150 max top of the line with the farkles.
    i don't mind changing engines once in a while either just dont like being stranded (one is never tho with the peddals and such)
    i will buy a kit but I hope they use some of the money to improve the engines reliability, and not drink it, lol.
  7. mattysids

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    if this is only for trips to the store, then a happytime will do fine

    its reliability only becomes an issue if you consistantly rely upon it

    ex: ONLY form of transport to job
  8. seanhan

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    You can also get

    some good Japanese 2 stroke engines,
    Like mitsu and tanaka .
    I have a tanaka with 700 miles on it, still starts first or second pull, I took the plug out for the first time and it looked perfect, then i dropped it on the ground and busted it !!! So the tanaka got a new plug ...

    I plan on getting a HT just for the experiance!!!!
  9. tacoshell4

    tacoshell4 Member

    tons of smiles offroad here with my grubee yay.. trouble free
  10. zaviii

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    Jet Series Motors!

    I like the new generation Jet series motors released this year. When you get the fuel mixture right they noticeable make power than my old one.