Which Mountain Bike Seat?


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Jun 15, 2008
I was looking for a new seat, my current one hurts just to look at it. I was hoping for something real comfortable, but I also didnt want a love seat or something that looks overly theraputic. Looks are important to me, I really want this MB to come out awesome.

After looking online, I found this seat. What do you think? I wasnt sure what sort of suspension to look for, or if this would work with a suspension post. But I found some pics online of it installed on a mountain bike, and it looks like just the right size. I looked up the info on my bike, and it says "Aluminum micro-adjust, 30.9mm diameter". Does this mean any 30.9mm seat would work? Anyway here is the link. Is this a winner or should I be looking at something else :confused:

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Overly therapeutic? No such thing!

I got the Schwinn seat you linked to, but it's still not wide enough for me, and I'm pretty skinny. The whole thing that got me on these seats with no horn was Large fitting a tractor seat to one of his bikes. It makes sense to go get rid of the seat and go wider instead of trying to overly pad a seat that only holds up a third of your butt.

It's a little awkward to pedal with these bench seats, but you'll get used to it. And since you'll be using the motor the majority of the time, you won't even notice you're sitting on a seat that's designed for bicycles.
I have the $19.95 Bell gel seat with urethane dampeners from Walmart and find it very comfortable. But, with my newest build I'm going one step farther. I'm adding a suspension seatpost in addition to the gel seat.
thanks for the replies.

i thought i might be able to get away with a seat thats comfortable, and cool looking. maybe that is not the case afterall.

alex: that schwinn seat looks real comfortable but dayum it sure is silly looking lol. id like to see what it looks like on a bike, but google is not finding anything.

i saw the bell at walmart but i didnt like the way it looks either. i guess ill have to compromise and err on the side of comfort.
I've read good things about this seat and it will be the one that I order....once I get the darn seat post out of my bike and replace it with a suspension seatpost! I'm going to try the ammonia trick in the next day or two. Below are links to both the seat and seat post that I'm going to use on my Trek MB with the upcoming Staton chain drive kit w/mitsu TLE43 engine:

Here's the seat:

Here's the suspension seat post (make sure to order correct size!):

Hope this helps,

Links to Amazon may include affiliate code. If you click on an Amazon link and make a purchase, this forum may earn a small commission.
thanks alot for all the great replies.

warner thats the seat in my original post, and im too giving it serious consideration. btw, have you heard anything about your staton order? they havent replied to my email. :(

Also guys, i understand the suspension post helps alot too? I havent been able to find one in 30.9mm. But I did do some reading and found that shims exist. Would it be ok to use a shim for proper fit on a MB?