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    Hi i am looking for a cheap solution to motorizing a mountain bike. does anyone know of any mountain bike from Walmart or K-mart, that could work.
    Has anyone put a motor on any of the walmart moutnain bikes??

    any advice is appreciated..

    I looking for a mountain bike becuase of its lightness, and abilitly to go offroad, becuase i take a lot of shortcuts through the woods.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I have the Magna Glacier Point from Wallyworld. Hasnt craked yet. Very easy to mount everything. I wish I would have got a bike with front suspension though.....
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    as a former bicycle-assembler for department stores (a company called "YLCE") i can say i'd never motorize a magna...after x-mas there would be huge piles of broken returns at every store in the st. louis area...please inspect yer bike often.
  4. Thanks Augi. I do before every ride.
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    any other advice
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    mountain bike or Hybrid?

    don't mean to hijack but my intended bike an older Trek Multitrack and is made for 700c wheels. Does anyone have experience with 700c and 44t combos? Also, I'm gonna try to use an older flip/flop rear wheel.
    the wheels use stainless DT Swiss spokes (32) with brass nipples :oops:, I may pedal more to relieve the torque on start up but does anyone think this is a bad bad idea? jon
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    yep, it has 700c wheels. Personally, I would not want to go 25 mph on a Walmart (albeit Mongoose) bike. And as an avid cyclist, I've never like Aluminum (read, boneshaker). Steel is Real in my book. It depends on your mechanical ability but I'd prefer to score a CL frame/bike and adapt it. the headset and bottom bracket cups and races and bearings etc. have to be the cheapest in the world, not to mention keeping those rims true. maybe I'm full of mierda but a cheap bike is just that-cheap. just my .02

    but it would be a cheap built-whole thing for like $300? not bad. I'm gettin' educated on this whole MB thing too, I know bikes and not so much motors on bikes, yet.

    2 stroker in the works.
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    My xr-75 is a wallyworld special. I have to agree about the quality on their lower priced bikes they are cheap. I'm not expecting my frame to break with full suspension though. I'm figuring the bearings or spring will go gracefully and at that point ill just upgrade to a better bike for my system. Just about everything that made it a peddle bike broke within a year so i figured id recycle the frame. its been holding up great so far though. 350 miles on these rough roads and trails.
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    whAat kind of bike do you have SIRJAKESUS
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    I will be using an older (90's) Trek 920 singletrack mountian bike with road tires on it (1.25" wide - can you say low rolling resistance?). I'm expecting a harsh ride (but no harsher than a regular road bike with the same tires), good top end, and real good gas mileage with these tires. I'm going with the 43cc Mitsu engine and Staton chain drive kit. I will gear it TALL for better top end (or lower rpm's at 30mph) and plan on pedaling it up to 10mph or so to get started (and get a partial workout, take load off drive componenets, get better mileage, etc). The bike speaks for itself. It's a cro-mo frame and fork...Trek quality. It was an expensive bike even back then. I will definitely go with the beefed up rear rim from Staton (48 spoke, 1" rim) though.

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    It's a Mongoose.
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    IMO- any mountain or hybrid bike would be fine so long as you can find the bottom tube is "skinny" enough to not need to use a set of spacers to bolt the engine to the frame.

    My bike is a 1992 Bridgestone MB-6 and I love it.
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