which MSR fuel bottle + holder?


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5:41 AM
Jun 15, 2008
which size MSR fuel bottle are you guys buying? also, which holder is know to work well with this size? im just trying to avoid buying parts that will not be compatible. thanx!
the fuel big bottle and the Bell rubber cage holder. They have those cage holders at the evil Walmart.
the ones at walmart are painted with lead on the inside like the toys they sell. another good buy is babby bottles.-oh yeah they have low cost medecine too. ride on mitch
ok thanks, so i should get the 33oz bottle? just makign sure before i spend. thanks so much. :D
Compared to some WalMart is benign corporation. Search Halliburton, Monsanto and Bayer and you'll get my point.

I use a 22oz MSR and a standard metal bottle holder.
I got mine from Walmart and it works just great and I paid less there for the same China made product. Its your money, I just prefer to keep mine in my wallet.
much appreciated!

astring, are those bottle cages you are referring to black?