Which one of the expansion designs would work..

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    Would this Expansion design work??

    ?I want to get a expansion pipe for my 80cc HT motor, I have found this strange expansion chamber on ebay that is very short and is very close to the engine. What kind of power would this expansion chamber bring? Would it add more top end or bottom end? Would it work?

    I am aware that I will have to modify the exhaust to make it work.

    Is there anywhere were I cna get Just the expansion part without the header or anything else?

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  2. Ghost0

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  3. This one WILL work.....


    This one WILL work and will be out in about a month and a half from 8-15-08 (maybe sooner)....


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    I cant wait for that pipe andy it looks really nice
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    Those sure are nice. Well the real question would be.. How Much?
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    To me your best bet is to buy a pipe that was made for the bikes instead of building a pipe. You have to horse around and do some guess work in order to get the right lengths and expansion chamber size. IMO I think the expansion chamber is too small for a 70cc HT motor. In the long run, you might end up paying almost the same after you spend the extra money on connector, pipe, flange, welding and your time. Also, what if you don't get it right the first time. It's time to dish out more money.
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    yeah, thats true. I guess I will wait until andyinchville1's pipe gets finished or if someone else comes out with one.