which rear shifter to use

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  1. I bought the sbp shifter kit and was going to use it on my moondog but im building a 1945-6 roadmaster with a 24x3 rear tire and it looks like im going to have chain clearance issues with the drive. So now im toying with the idea of the shifter kit on this bike but i have a coaster brake hub now. My problem is which should i go with a nexus 7 internal shift,a nuvinci ,or just a 7 speed derailer setup i know nothing about any of these. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated im stuck. Thanks

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    If budget is not an issue I would go in this order.
    1. NuVinci
    2. 7 speed standard derailleur
    3. Nexus internal
  3. Skyliner70cc

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    How hardy is the nexus internal? Ghost0, why the standard derailleur over an internal?
  4. Ghost0

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    Well you asked the right question. The answer is I don't know. I know some of our customers have used them but I don't know the success rate. I do know that the NuVinci has held up well and the regular derailleurs hold up well. I just don't have a lot of data on the internals. I should probably get one and test it out.
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    I guess as Jim said - standard derailleurs are pretty much what everyone uses, and they have a good/great track record. "Go with what works" is the saying.
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    go SHIMANO XTR NO CHANGE OUT OF $300 AUSTRALIAN if u want bling
  7. Well i dont have anything yet so i can get a internal 7 speed laced for 170 at lbs, no idea how much the other stuff for the derailleurs would cost and the nuvici is around 400 so i still am undicided,it would be cheapest to just put it on the moondod its got 7 speeds. Thanks for input