Which throttle set up for long commute?

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by Super64, Feb 19, 2012.

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    I want to add a Friction Drive to a Shimano Alivio index finger and thumb click shifter set up - the brakes levers are part of the unit. I have purchased a 25 mm hybrid handlebar for comfort. I want to commute 35 miles one way and am unsure about the best set-up. I don't know where to place another lever and I am concerned with function and comfort. Any suggestions?

  2. Super64

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    Any thumb throttles? I think that will keep my hand levers and grips clean.
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    I use friction shifters as throttle levers.

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    My thumb throttle is made from a thumb shifter. You can buy them at powersports (quad) shops. The thumb throttle was much more comfortable to me when I used to commute 50 miles round trip.
  6. Ya I agree the thumb throttle is much easier and comfortable on longer rides. Cause
    after I while the twist throttle puts strain on your wrist
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    Amen to the thumb throttle, I had to put a kit on a bike with the twist a pain to use and peddle.
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    re: "Ya I agree the thumb throttle is much easier and comfortable on longer rides. Cause
    after I while the twist throttle puts strain on your wrist"

    Why not bend your wrist more when grabbing the throttle, so the wrist is straight when you are at your riding position?
    I think the grubee type throttle is a little annoying. I understand it's supposed to be like a motorcycle, but I didn't really care for it. I was going to shorten the throttle twist portion to the minimal length and install regular bike grips with grip glue. Someone on youtube used a cheap twist shifter with the metal spring clip removed, as a throttle twister. It had plenty of cable pull.

    re: Staton Thumb Throttle. 1870_thumb.jpg
    I got one and I like it, but it's not on a bike right now. I wanted to use it similar to a v-brake lever throttle, but I have too much stuff on the bars (integrated mtn bike shifter/v-brakes). I figured out I could use it by mounting it opposite the brake lever, so the web of the thumb or palm of the hand presses it to the bar. This works ok, especially if you want to have an on/off throttle switch, with a little room to maneuver around slower things occasionally.
    It is plastic, but it looks well made and feels nice. It lays flat against the bar and the hinge is small. It takes standard brake cables, or you can use solder-on brass cable stops. (not the Happytime type clutch cable end!)
  9. professor

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    I also use the friction shifter (did not know that is what it is called) - had to braise a stop on it so the position is correct. The lever kind of points toward me.

    On bike #1 I have the friction set to keep it wherever I push it, but that bike has only a HF 79 - low power enough that the brakes would stop even with a stuck throttle.
    Still, the thumb can get tired.
    A twist throttle is OK if the spring pressure can be made very light.
    Thumb throttle works well with light spring also.
  10. happycheapskate

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    I fixed that problem easily. I made a custom length cable by filing down a SRAM shifter cable end to fit in the carburetor linkage, and used a happytime clutch cable end on the other. The engine has a throttle cable adjuster barrel on the carb, for fine adjustment, but the lever has so much throw, that getting it in the general direction I wanted worked fine. Also you can use a "right" shifter on the left hand side, and VV. if you want, to control the direction of lever travel to accelerate. Mine goes forward to accelerate. If I loosen the screw a little, the carburetor linkage pulls the lever to the idle position for a "thumb throttle" type usage. I like "cruise control" better.

    PS, I soldered the cable end after installing the HT brass cable stop with its screw, to prevent fraying, THEN cut it with cable clippers.
  11. seanshonda

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    I rotated my staton thumb throttle so it faces forward, its under the brake lever when brakes applied. I like a good grip on handlebars at all times. btw, it works w/ my twist grip shifter, cant shift as fast, but throttle would be in way either way.
  12. butre

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    twist grip is the way to go. thumbs get uncomfortable after an hour or so
  13. seanshonda

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    I watched a buddy go down hard after hitting a pothole at night shifting w/ thumb shifter. for some reason he still hates twist grips, oh well, i'll get another good laugh one of these days!
  14. Fabian

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    At the end of the day the most important aspect is safety, in that whatever throttle mechanism is used, it must be able to return to idle (under spring tension) when taking your hand or thumb off the throttle.
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    I gotta agree with Butre, twist grip throttles are the way to go.
    millions of motorcycles, motorbikes, & scooters out there with
    no thumb throttles. Are they all wrong?