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    hi again, this is like my 3rd post of this topic but i am really having a hard time deciding on which way to go.2-stroke or 4-stroke?if you could post your experiences with one or the other and what you do or dont like about them that would be great.really try to persuade me to eaither 2 stroke or 4 stroke. i am on a sort of tight bugit at about $200-$300.thanks everyone for your great input!

  2. I prefer a 4 stroke for several reasons. No mixing oil and gas, so when I need gas I just pull into any gas station to fill up. In my experience a 4 stroke is also easier to start. My Robin 35 is a tough, quality engine and has given years of faithful service over thousands of miles, and I never baby it. The Honda 50 is likewise a great engine and I've heard nothing but good about the Honda 50 clones from China. All that being said, the 2 stroke Mitsubishis and Tanakas are a bit lighter and will run rings around me for performance and are also quality built engines with years of service in them. The HTs can't be beat for price, but require a fair amount of remanufacturing to make them last and some subsequent tinkering to keep running well. I guess it depends on what you want.
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    i haven't had any experience with the 4stroke but i heard they're not as fast as the 2 stroke. before i got my ht i didnt really like 2 stroke, but i got over it pretty fast. mixing oil isn't that big of a deal, when i have to i just grab my oil with me when i go to work and fill up on the way back, really easy if your oil container has markings on the side showing amount in the bottle, just put in a liter of gas and 25ml of oil, shake the bike a little and you're good to go. you gotta tinker with it a bit to get it to work nicely and then its all good. 4 stroke sounds cooler tho
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    I have a friction drive from BMP. I have used the 50cc engine from the Harbor Freight auger and a Honda GX35. The Honda being a 4 stroke is a sweet engine. But I like the Harbor Freight engine, which is 2 cycle by the way, because of the power difference. One half horse power on these small engines makes a big difference and is most definitely noticable.The engines from Harbor Freight auger and water pump are about 99% same engine and can be had for less than $100.00. The cheapest I've seen the Honda GX35 is $220.00 delivered. I'm pretty well convinced the HF engine is a Chinese clone of the Mitsubishi TLE43. Someone on the forum has been selling Robin/Suraru 35cc engines for about $145.00. They are highly reted as far as the smaller 35cc engines go. The Honda 50cc and the Titan 50cc as well have high ratings also. If you want to go 30 mph+, you better have a well constructed, heavy bike. 30 mph on my Schwinn hybrid feels dangerous. 25 - 27 feels O.K.
    Hope this helps.

    Click on te link below for to see the Robin/Surbaru engine for sale here on the forum.
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    These 4 stroke guy's don't know what they are talking about! (there goes the nieghborhood), get a 2 stroke kit!...

    The chioce is yours but I think 2stk develope hp quicker and for hill climbing its a must!

    I've got a 2stk kit and it climbs the steepest I've found w/44t sprocket. Pulls real hard between 13-25 mph, (faster than your adverage car)! Speed dies out and 25mph, might max at 30... I could find room anywhere to carry 2 oz of oil to mix w/ 1/2gal of gas!
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    I wouldn't go so far as top say the 4 strokers don't know what they're talking about. Everybody has their own opinions and preferences. If we were all alike the world woud be a much more boring place. Anyway, I have 2
    & 4 stroke engines. I personally like the 4 strokes, but seems like on these small 50cc or less engines the 2 strokes work better. The fuel/oil mix is no big deal to me either. I ran out of gas one day with my 2 stroke. Rode into a convience store/gas station, went inside and bought a small bottle of 2 stroke oil, just poured the whole bottle in my 96 ounce tank and filed with gas and rode of into the sunset. No big deal. Point being, if you run out of gas you're going no where, be it a 2 or 4 stroke. Just about all places that sell gasoline will also sell 2 stroke oil. Not an issue with me. If you're that scared, put a small bottle of 2 stroke in your pocket or somewhere before you leave home. My 96 ounce tank will take me over 100 miles, so there's no excuse for running out of gas. The only time I did run out of gas was before I had my large tank.
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    Easy there! Was only joking! I don't own a 4stk except for my car! LOL!

    Wish I knew more about the 4stk kits! The insight I gave on my 2stk is truthfull tho!
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    No problem. I just wanted to make a broader point. I've never posted anything on this forum that was meant to be offensive, to anyone !
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    Right on, PC... Just being funny here on this end! Keep us posted Bible Man!
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    If looks are a factor go 2 stroke..If easy starts and less tinkering is your bag go 4 stroke. As cheap as they are build one of each..lol:D