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  1. I bought a 70cc HT from DAX and intend to stick it on something to sell for profit to see if I can make any. I have an old FLYING O (Oklahoma Tire and Supply Co.) that is a lightweight 26 with a 3-speed rear hub with coaster brake as well as calipers. I would have to drop the rear caliper so I would have room for the clutch lever. Is this a good plan? I suppose there are lots of motorbikes based on lightweight bikes, but I just have to accept it. The new DAX motors are cute with chrome tanks and the alloy clutch handle with lock pin and killswitch in chrome-ended grips and chrome muffler. They seem like a good deal at $119. What do people do for a clutch handle when they use a 10-speed?
    I suppose it could be mounted inboard or something.

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    A few places sell 2 in 1 levers, so you can hook up both brakes to the one lever, that should give you room for the clutch lever. An alternative would be to mount both brake levers on the same side close enough to pull them both.