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    Neither of them looked like they have anything better to offer than actual mbc sponsors do.

    zoombicycles price is just a bit high. not terribly bad, but a little bit.

    the guy in K'zoo was not quite dishonest in his advert, but maybe a bit mis-leading. Example; suggested retail price $500.00? Hogwash. He might as well have made it $1500.00. It would have been just about as accurate.

    Neither of those deals looked really bad. They just weren't spectacular, either.

    So my most honest answer would be to buy one that is the same from an mbc sponsor. You'll get it at the same price, too.
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    why not give these guys your business ??

    yes -- you can find very close to the same deal right here on site

    why not give these guys that support the site your business ??

    ride that MB thing