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Apr 4, 2008
Wichita, KS
I am on a quest - a mission - an adventure...to find white tires for my Whizzer. I have the 24" model which is not a common size in the tire world apparently.

Thus far, the only tires I have found are Coker Tires - they are specifically made for vintage cycles - and they are perfect size 24 x 2.25 - but there is one drawback

$249 each!!!!

That puts the price for one tire at more than the cost of my first car - and more than the combined cost of the two new Bridgestone tires I just had put on my Xterra!

Has anyone seen something comparable in quality - they sure are proud of those Coker tires! :LOL:


I ordered the darn Felt tires after work - then I got home and measured for clearance - of course I didn't take into account of the drive belt....I think the belt will rub the tire.... oy....
Maybe your not sunk!

Ask Quenton or Bill Green, these guys might know more about the 24" Whizzers. Dont despair dude, something can always be figured out. Round peg, square hole. Im sure I dont have to tell you every time you go to make a modification it will affect something els on the bike. Ive got a small box of parts left over from my board track Whizzer project that either didnt fit or I didnt like on the bike after mounting. Keep your receipts and keep building your dream. Cory...
Hehe - thanks, Cory! The only problem I have is that the two bicycle shops in town have a "No Refund" policy - they only do exchanges or store credit - but I can live with that.

My buddies said, "You are bound and determined to turn that Whizzer into a scrap pile that won't run!" I replied, "No, I am just trying to customize it a bit to give it more of a classic look that appeals to me" - but I have a feeling I will be accumulating a bunch of extras do-dads and parts along the way =)


Break the chains of conformity and mass production!!!

I can tell your one of those individuals that would rather have something different that stands out from the crowd!? If so astonish the lemings and be creative. Your Whizzer will definitely not turn out to be a pile. Do you have an older 24" Whizzer? If so what year and mod. Do you have any pics of your project?
Hi Cory, It is a 2007 NE5 Whizzer - I just purchased it two weeks ago. I only have pics of the chrome fenders - I have new handlebars (torrington style U shaped) - a leather tool roll, and soon to be white tires.

It is a 24" - it fits my 5' 6" frame quite nicely - although the rim size of 24" seems to limit the tire choices in terms of white/cream tires.

This weekend I will have better pics - I still need to find a suitable rear rack for her - I will keep checking eBay - or I may have to eventually break down and purchase the one made for the Whizzer. I have plans to get a more vintage seat (like the one you have) - change out the grips - and quite possibly contruct an underseat tank that will be my tool box.

Here it is without any real modifications - I want to eventually get to a point where you got - that is what I was going for - then I came across your thread on your project and I got really inspired!




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Moon, it'll be interesting to see how your bike turns out. I also have a 24" Whizzer (see my avatar), and I'm in the midst of making it look more retro by changing the handlebars, getting a rear drop-stand (and getting rid of the center stand), going two-tone on the paint and more. The round mirrors add more of a retro touch than the rectangular ones do, and I've added those already. I've got a klaxon horn waiting in the wings, and I've changed out the saddle with a retro-style springer saddle with crashrail. I also have a tool bag hanging off the back of the saddle now.
Just a thought - if you can't get the white tires in the correct size (24x2.125), why not try red tires? They have a cool prewar look, and I have them on my '46 Columbia to help give it a more vintage look. http://www.motoredbikes.com//showthread.php?t=7862
Hi Kilroy,

Do you happen to have a larger picture of the one in your avatar?

Aye, I looked into the red seats - and I do like them - but I have a vision in my mind of the white/cream tires on this one. I have a feeling this is going to be addictive - so I have no doubt I will have another project bike when I am through with this one!