White wire missing, good or bad?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Lucknuts, May 21, 2013.

  1. Lucknuts

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    I went to hook up my wiring towards the end of installing this kit for the first time and I notice that the wires here are a little different from those described in the instructions provided.

    Thanks to this awesome forum I discovered that the wiring from the kill switch just goes into the extra slots provided with the blue and black wire connections and the colors don't matter.

    But, then I learned that I might not even want to use the kill switch at all and put a toggle switch or a key switch in the blue wire.

    Great. But, that leaves me wondering about the missing white wire. I never noticed any white wire coming out of the engine, only blue and black. And, I went ahead and sealed it with silicone already.

    But, could there be a white wire, possibly uncapped, in there somewhere still? I never looked in the hole, I just sealed it with the wires that were already coming out of it.

    It sounds like the white wires were a problem so maybe these new engines don't have them anymore?


  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Don't look in no hole.........

    Take the magneto cover off to see what happened to the white wire.

    Removing it is not a problem, but you don't want it grounding out
    on the engine case.

    The white wire just puts out a small amount of power at 6 volts
    and is more trouble than it is worth because it takes away power
    from the ignition.

    I haven't heard anything about new motors coming without a white
    wire. it was probably just some bad quality control.
  3. Lucknuts

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    Thanks. I guess the white wire is supposed to be coming out of the magneto not the engine?

    This magneto doesn't look like it opens. There's some kind of heat shrink or something covering the side where the wires come out. You can see it's just the blue & black + the spark plug cable. Weird.

  4. MotorBicycleRacing

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    They say a pic is worth a lot of words........

    You got the CDI confused with the magneto.
    Capacitor Discharge Ignition.

    That black box is the CDI and only a blue and black wire
    comes out of it aside from the spark plug cable.

    The coil or magneto is in the motor behind the front cover
    on the left hand side held on with four 5 mm screws.

    A blue, black and white wire come off it and yes the white
    wire can be removed.
    What wires does your magneto have?
  5. Lucknuts

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    Ahhh, thanks! I thought the white wire was supposed to be coming out of the engine.

    Nope, not there either.

  6. Lucknuts

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    Anyway, it's probably not important since it sounds like the white wire was more trouble that it's worth. Maybe I should be glad it's not here.
  7. Lucknuts

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    So, I suppose that means that this is one of the first HT engines to come without a white wire.
  8. Sgt. Howard

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    I now have six bikes with the white wire pushing head, tail and brakelights- two of those have turn signals and use a battery that the white wire charges (See sticky "$5 Home Depot headlight revisited") . It's not that hard... but if the Chinese are dropping the white wire, well THAT's a bummer!
  9. Lucknuts

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    Wow, nice sticky. That rabbit hole is deeep and awesome! Now I wish I had a white wire.

    Anyone got any pics of where the white wire goes? Maybe I could hook up my own. Hmm. I suppose once I get it running I could just check it with a tester and see if there's anywhere to put my own "white wire".
  10. Big Red

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    Sgt. Howard spent a lot of time and effort to set up a lighting system that will work off the white wire without drawing too much power from the engine. As most on the forum know, You just can't hook up a light to the white and not expect it to affect engine performance.
    The Sarge has a thread that explains, step by step, how he does this.
    Big Red.
  11. Big Red

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    I wouldn't worry about it too much Sarge, I think MBR is right, just normal chinese quality. I just got in a BGF engine that has the white wire, and if ANYONE would remove the wire to save money, or whatever, it would be BGF.
    Big Red.
  12. Lucknuts

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    lol, that's exactly what I was quoting from when I referred to the "white wire" like the white rabbit and I said "down the rabbit hole" like him too! That was an awesome thread.

    I don't know if I'll ever want to bother with it, but it's pretty cool and if I ever have extra time on my hands I might try it.

    The question was... if I wanted to hook up my own "white wire" and follow it down that rabbit hole someday, does anyone know where it should hook up exactly? A pic would be awesome. Oops. I should do a quick search I suppose since these seniors don't seem to have time to even read my posts carefully (just a little friendly ribbing, calm down).

    Okay, I checked through the first two pages of search results and all I'm finding is diagrams and pics of gizmos and boxes to mount the gizmos and stuff to make it work. Can't seem to find a pic of the old style magneto with the white wire attached.

    No prob though, I won't be doing this anytime soon, if at all. I was just curious. Thanks.
  13. Big Red

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    White Wire.

    Don't know if this helps, But here it is.
    Big Red.

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  14. Lucknuts

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    That totally helps, thank you Big Red! Only, it seems to suggest (I don't know jack about electrical yet 'cept the basics) that the white wire came out of the magnet coil part so if it's missing then the design has changed.

    I thought maybe I could just hook a wire to one of those screws but they seem to only be mounting points. Ah well, with LEDs and rechargeable lithiums these days it shouldn't matter.
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  15. Lucknuts

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    Sorry I don't know that term yet. What's BGF? A company? We apparently got this half priced HT engine from ebay so I have no idea what it is. I'd like to know. My wife mentioned how weird it was that it said that this kit could not legally be shipped anywhere in California, yet it seemed to be shipped FROM California. Maybe a clue?

    Also, the fins on the head are all warped. Can I heat and straighten these or maybe file them? They look like $h!+ it would be nice to do something. But, isn't aluminum very brittle? It is on the Jeep.

    And, all this makes me wonder if all my loving attention is wasted on this chinese turd and I would be better off looking for another engine?
  16. Big Red

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    Yeah bro, A company. Boygofast. Anybody thats been on either of the forums a while knows Rick Shi at BGF. Some think he's OK cause he's pretty much the cheapest around, Others hate him cause they say his stuff is TOO cheap and it shows in quality. I think chinese crap is chinese crap no matter who ya buy it from.
    And yeah, You can file the fins some to clean them up. I wouldn't try to straighten them though, They'll probably snap.
    Anyway, My last BGF engine lasted several years.(easy riding, LOTS of maintenence,) Not bad for a engine you can get for around $100. But there are a lot of better engines. Of course they also go for a lot more money. I stick with the cheapie chinese 2 stroke cause it's easy to fix when something goes wrong, And cheap to replace when finally, it's unfixable.
    It's hard to get a complete kit in California, but some still ship. A ENGINE ONLY is easy, They ship it as PARTS. Their just not supposed to ship a ready to run engine. A replacment engine doesn't come with enough, (carb, cdi, ect.) to run it, so it's PARTS.
    If you want better quality and better reliability, THINK 4 stroke.
    Big Red.
  17. Lucknuts

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    Thank you Red, what a breath of fresh air in all this smokey haze. Okay, so we got ripped off. You didn't say it. I did.

    There's no gray area in selling an engine that doesn't freaking work! Who cares how cheap it is, if it won't run from day 1? Or, is it that a certain percentage of them actually work and the rest getting sent back is somehow cheaper than making a good product?

    It doesn't matter. After all the customizing to make it fit and work there's no sending it anywhere now. Maybe these nefarious vendors rely on that. Bummer.

    Well, I suppose I only got scammed for $100 so not as expensive a lesson as not taking ecstasy while gambling in vegas. But, somehow I feel swindled the same.

    Thanks y'all for being so kind in letting me know what an idiot I was for even being here. ;)
  18. HeadSmess

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    most of the newer coils have eliminated the white wire, and used the tag for the earth wire instead of that horrid little join that always lets go on the old versions.

    having no white wire is a bonus.

    it was strange though... i had one of those 4W LED 12V spotlights. on one magneto, it ran fine off the white wire without affecting the motor.
    yet on another motor it wouldnt run at all.

    something to do with the direction the coils are wired/wound i can only assume. in phase or out...

    no white wire. be happy :) that is all :)
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