Whitewall tires?

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    Finally I'm almost there with this Schwinn Phantom project, and what a tough one. Still trying to get some chain clearance on the rear wheel, might shim the wheel right a bit, thinking about tightening all of the right hand side spokes to dish the wheel a bit or a narrower whitewall. So here's the question, running a 26 x 2.125 whitewall, found 26 x 1.75, does anyone know if there is something wider between two sizes? Oh one more thing, I had put a wider rim on the back, but still have the original schwinn rim which is narrower. The guy at the bicycle shop said that narrower rim would pull in the fatter tire making it narrower and higher, does that sound right? Thanks for all your help., John:sweatdrop::ack2::detective::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:

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    The guy at the bike shop is correct, a narrower rim will help the 2.125 clear. I know you can get 1.95 tires, I have one I'm going to install on my black bike. Is your rear sprocket dished? If so did you install it with the dish out?

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    Thank you for your reply

    I have piston maniac part rear sprocket adapter, which lets you adjust the rear sprocket chain in and out. But still have a bit of chain contact on the white wall. I'm thinking the narrower rim will help, but unsure. Maybe a 26 x 1 75 on the fatter rim might be something to look at also? I don't know, just seems weird I'm a good mechanic, but I'm missing something here, and I'm losing the fun of it. Any help and replies are appreciated. John:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
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    JVROOM I have the same problem with my Huffy 26x2.125 (57-559) wheel with chain rubbing and a Pirate Cycle sprocket adapter. I went to the bike shop and found that I could get a 1.75 whitewall for $14.99 (which I am going to try) or a 1.5 or 1.3 blackwalls are available for $21 and $31. Plus $5 for a new smaller tube. I'll let you know if that fixes my problem on my Nel Lusso build....Dan