Hi all, this is the announcement of the most significant wvent that the west coast has for Motor Bicycles, specifically Whizzers, and other of the Higher speed bikes. I wrote this on a Whizzer site.

Hi all, the ONLY west coast activity for Whizzers that I've found is coming up this October on the 6th and 7th at the Kingsburg Gun Club.
Ride starts at 9:am Saturday, Sunday is vintage swap, Whizzers, antique bikes, Cushmans, etc.

This event is brought to us by the California Cushman Club. Big fun for all. Last year was about a 50 mile ride, with almost 100 running bikes!

Mike at 916 383-8612 if you have any questions.


News from Whiz-In 2006

Hello gang, this weekend is the big west coast ride, and I want to let you-all know what and where.
The Whiz-In will be in Kingsburg CA (near Fresno) and there will be some of the finest Whizzers around attending! Sponsored by the California Cushman Club, we will have Cushmans, Mustang motorcycles, and who knows what! Last year we had two Riddel Motorcycles (Illegal here in CA), a Maytag 2 cylinder engine on a bike, and much more.
Last year we rode 66 miles on the ride/poker run. BBq followed, and a good time was had by all (including the ones who's bikes came back on the flatbed trailer) Is anyone here looking to attend this Saturday?



A report by Kevin Waddle

Hey everybody,

the Whizz-in was a blast!!
I don't know the official number, but there was about 100 bikes that showed up. A large majority were original Whizzers, only a few new Whizzers, three Chinese motorbikes (Larry's Red Worksman was one of two to take the 50 mile ride), several Cushman scooters, a couple of Mustang mini-motorcycles, and other assorted bikes.
The 50 mile ride started a 9am and mainly kept us in farm land with very few cars. The one time we did roll into town, there was a high school band competition going on that we had not anticipated. We sort of roared up during one bands performance, unfortunately, almost no one ran a muffler!! (sorry kids!!! Embarassed ) Once we stopped in town, some local cops came over to talk to us!!! Luckily they just wanted to make sure we didn't park on the sidewalk. Matter of fact, the cops were actually quite nice. They even stopped traffic for us when we left and waived us through a stop sign!!!

There was only somewhere around 5 breakdowns on the trucks when we got back to the fairgrounds.

The Cushman Club of California put the whole event on and I must say their orginization and dedication to this event is amazing! They had a "No one left behind" rule and a flatbead trailer made sure of it. They even had a truck loaded with snacks and drinks that followed us around. The best part is, these guys didn't even charge a single cent for all of this. They were just happy making sure everyone had a good time.

I urge anyone that can make it next year to show up. All motorized forms of transportation is welcome. They don't care if you ride a Whizzer, a Cushman, a Chinese 2 stroke, or even a bicycle with a lawnmower motor strapped to it!!

Here's a link to the photos I took while there:

And here's a crappy little 1min video I took of the end of the run:



My report Whiz-In 2006

Here is a link to the pics I took, I found myself to busy, and lost many good shots This years ride was said to be 50 miles. I had a few boo-boo's, I always started wifey's bike, and after I got her launched at the first stop, I could not hear my engine as I tried to start her, and could not hear my bike with 60+ loud bikes running in that gas station, and after pedalling my brains out, and being looked at for a ride on the flatbed trailer I turned on the key, and she kicked to life! The drop stand did just that a couple times, pull over, relatch, and away I go.

Rode pretty good, tho the roads were very rough at times. Off we went and parked at Harley Davidson, maybe 125 bikes. We spun the wheel (poker run), and a guy gave me a piece of baling wire to tie up the drop stand, to keep it from falling. I didn't get hardly any pics as my troubles grew. I fired her bike, and mine, and off we roared!
I know you are familiar with the Whizzer belt adjustment proceedure but it is a little tricky on a hot bike on the side of the road. The lower stud, which I had adjusted Friday, got just the slightest bit loose and my belt began slacking.
I was still running 30-35mph with no problems when disaster struck! I hear a clanging noise, and feel something odd as my tailpipe falls off, and bounces off my leg and foot, the pipe is now in the middle of the 2-lane country road, and I think I see the engine blow the exhaust gasket out of the mainfold, and it rolls across the road into the dirt on the other side of the road!
Well, we got trouble now amigos! The hot pipe is in the road, bikes, and Cushman's whizzing by, missing my pipe! I run out, and that **** pipe was hot! I scooped it with both hands, and threw it into the dirt on the side of the road. Several chase vehicles stop to figure out which one will haul the 08 thru the rest of the run, we are about 22 miles in I think. The flatbed trailer is chosen to haul me, having only one bike on it. I then took my leather gloves out of my pocket, asked the guys in the trailer, and yes, they had wire! I plugged it in the manifold, and we tied the exhaust on with tie-wire. I see that, when I bent the mounting bracket, the metal must have been stressed, and it sheared along that line. I thanked the guys, pedalled her, she fires, and off I roar, but now I don't have a map, and don't know where to go! The flatbed helps me to find my way. On we go, me lost, as I have no map!

Well we get to the park, quiet and serene..........errr..... no there are Junior High, and High School kids, and families all over the place, Hundreds of them!

It turns out it is a Band contest! well, the Ice Cream Parlour is jammed, we spin, I fire her bike, and we roar off again! Roaring down the road I begin to lose some speed, I had adjusted the tensioner with the only tool I had with me, a 13mm, and the belt was getting more slack, I'm losing speed, but the engine, with the pipe wired on, is running fine! As I approach the freeway, there is a large high overpass, and I'm barely holding 28 MPH or so, due to belt slippage. That hill seemed forever, at about 24MPH I crested, and down the other side I roar, trying to get back in the pack, slipping, and running 25-28 I roll into the park of the gun club Finish Line! I made it!

What a great ride, after all, I made it, helped by many along the way. These folks are a great crowd! you got to try this ride!

here is a link to the pics I took, Mike



Whiz-in 2006

Hi Kevin and I wrote those in 2006. I rode 2005 took my new NE5 with only 30 miles on it, and rode 66 miles that day. My gas cap wasn't venting (figured that out afterwards) but I ran the whole run, ran till she starved, stopped and fiddled, over and over again! This was supposed to be a seperate post, as the 2007 meet is coming up oct. 6th and 7th.

We will be looking forward to all the fun, this time wifey and I will stay for the swap meet on sunday, instead of selling somewhere else. There is a meet we always do, on sunday, but have determined that the Whiz-in is where we wanna be, so we'll take our chances.

This year we are going to be joined by Solano county choppers (my licensee to build the Simpson chassis, his are called Xcelsior). Also the guy who designed and built the OHV engine for me Miles. and his partner, Tom. My brother and his wife, bringing an NE5 and a moped, I'm hoping Kevin will make it again and also Brian Scott from Fullerton Harley Davidson might come and bring his Overhead Whizzer like he did last year.

There are many "regulars" and some very fast ones at that! Also some Cushmans both fast and slow. Origional out of the barn, nicely kept origionals, and some very fine restored scooters. Along with some Mustang motorscootors, sometimes a Simplex, or a Powell or who knows what?

This is the ONLY west coast event I know of, if anyone else knows please let me know.



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Local time
5:21 AM
Jun 23, 2007
Orange County, Calif.
Looking for ride to Whiz-In

Anyone from Orange County or points south heading up to Kingsberg for the Whiz-In who might have room for one extra person and a bike please PM me.



Whiz-In countdown

Hi all, well the Whiz-In is coming up this weekend! I have stocked up, got 48 pr of motorcycle gloves, new leather toolbags, 33 new helmets, some special Whizzer parts, I'm bringing Whizzer tanks, and a whole bunch of stuff! Looks like I will ride the Model 09 on the run, as she is performing flawlessly so far. I have a few lil things to do to her still, tho.

Who's gonna meet us there? Mike