Whizzer #2 (The Ambassador)

Dave Beck

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8:02 AM
Feb 22, 2008
Elk City, Oklahoma
Well my new ambasador arrived safe and sound thursday. It went together really easy. It started right up and after everything was checked over took it for a short spin, it was cold and windy so just a couple of miles the first outing.

Here are some of my observations so far. Super ride, nice seat, handles super, and the brakes are outstanding! I had some electrical porblems, (no headlight or tail light) Dave at Whizzer faxed me a schematic and talked me through some things to check. I found 3 bad connections on the systems, but once fixed everything is working great. THe clutch slips bad, but talked with Quenton and he told me to put some miles on it and burn it in some. The only part that really looks cheap is the kickstand, very heavy built but the finish is rough, it is a cast piece and then chromed, it could be made better by smoothing it and taking it to a chrome shop. The larger tires, longer wheelbase and suspension front and rear make it a really nice ride.

I got to ride it some today, temperature better but hard 30 mile per hour south wind, was a little tricky at times. The clutch seems to be getting some better but still not what I would like it to be, but hey it only has 25 miles on it now....sure hope I get some nice days this next week to put some more on it.

The paint is a black metallic and it sure shows well in the sun. I think overall I am really going to enjoy this one. The electric start is great, though they have an upgrade on some springs and Dave at Whizzer told me that I should be recieveing them this next week.

That about it for now....so far very pleased!

Dave Beck
Elk City, Oklahoma
Hi Dave,
Had a chance to put more miles on your Ambassador yet?
I have almost 600 miles on mine, but a rough "cold" has slowed my riding somewhat [completely]. I have been true to my reputation "if it can be broke, Quenton can do it", but the Ambassador takes a licking and just "keeps on ticking". I have treated it really bad after the first 500 miles, in fact I rode it for 15 miles straight at WOT [wide open throttle] the last time I rode it. When I returned to my shop I was disapointed that I din't have anything I could "tinker" with. I have a real desire to modify a few things, but have resisted the urge, because I want everyone to see this work of art in its pure stock form at the upcoming show in Dawson Springs, KY in a few weeks.
Have fun,
It has been super windy here, side winds are bad with the light weight of the bike, but it does well considering, I just haven't had much of a chance to put many miles on the ambassador, with weather and work. I did get a few more miles on it and the clutch works better each time. I got the stater assembly from Dave at Whizzer and the starter works perfectly now. Maybe this weekend will get in some riding time. Glad to know yours is doing well, they seem to be a tough little machine, looks good rides great and stops perfectly with the new brakes. Thanks for checking on me!

The wind has been insane here in KS as well - it's rough riding the Whizzer in the wind. I am glad you are enjoying the Ambassador!

Looks like a fun ride.