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  1. Jim Ransom

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    First time here so bear with me.
    I have a 300 series Whizzer motor. I've managed to disassemble the entire motor with the exception of removing the crankshaft from the case. I've removed the three screws from the cover on the out board side but it too is very tight.
    Before I start prying and tapping I hope to get expert advice. Thanks.

  2. Quenton Guenther

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    Just saw your post.

    Don't remove the bearing plate! Simply install flywheel bolt and you can simply tap the bolt with a brass drift and it will exit the case on the side-cover side. Most of the time the main bearing stays on the crankshaft, and can be removed with a small gear puller. If the bearing stays in the case, simply press it or tap it out. Always replace the main bearing, it is metric. Make sure the replacement bearing has the bearings open to the inside of the crankcase [no metal shields, etc] so it will lubricate from the oil in the crankcase.

    Sorry for the delayed response.
    Have fun,