Whizzer alternator wiring


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Jan 25, 2022
I've got a '99 Whizzer that the P.O. cut and removed the wiring. He had wired in a TZR50 CDI but
that was it and its just hanging there. There are 5 wires from the alternator and no connection plug.
I've looked at the wiring diagram and only see the white, black/red and the yellow listed. Where do the
green and blue wires go? Any drawing of hot wiring it? I'd like to, at least, try the motor before I commit to
a new wiring harness. There are no lights of any kind on it anyway. I've ordered a new battery. It does have a spark coil.
No ignition switch or a/c-d/c relay, etc
thanks, Dale
blue/white is the Trigger P/U

Green from the stator is ground but the Stator is already grounded because it's bolted to the engine so ya don't need it

Alls ya need is the red/black and the blue/white from the stator to hot wire
@Wrench might be able to help you. I would have to look at a wiring schematic to give you the answer you are looking for.
Maybe ya just want the basic wiring harness Ask Paul if ya need any adapters for your 1999