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    I am considering buying one, I know it is says 40 mph top speed, will it cruise at that or less?

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    Quinton has one, it is the one with the early centrifugal clutch, the ones on Ebay have the Variator drive, I would like to hear how well they pull from a stop. I have the 24" NE5 it will go 40 but you could not cruise there. Let us know if you get it. Have fun, Dave
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    thanks for the quick reply

    I saw on the e-net that there is an 800 dollar reduction on the ambassador on the 2008 they must be coming out with something new in 09. Dane
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    changing my profile (*****y)

    Could someone help me figure out or tell me how to change my profile. I just bought my firsts Whizzer today. 2008 Ambassador II. I got to ride it a little at the shop I bought it at in Harpersferry WVa in the historic part of town. Brought it home and now the starter isn't working properly. It was cold when I got home, I read the instruction last of course and it leads me to believe I should have hit the compression release before starting. Will try again tomorrow but sounds to me like a loose wire on the starter or battery sometime clicks like a car starter will do when they have dirty terminals.
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    n8ygn - Congrats, I am excited to hear about the bike. I was over at the Ambassador II site looking at the bike trying to figure out some of the features of the bike. I hope you can get some pic's of the bike so we can see the detail. I think you just click on quick links at the top of the page to change your profile. Have fun, Dave

    PS: I am most interested in the rear suspension.
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    Well I am a better Photographer than computer guy. So I am going to try to send some pictures. One is where I purchased it I hope you like them. only the one you were interested in loaded will try again with the rest.
    ( Dane )

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