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    THEOZON New Member

    Anyone Ever Find A Good Fitting Dust/rain Cover For A Whizzer? And Where They Can Be Found?
    Thanks Mike

  2. RdKryton

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    I got one for a birthday present from my brother. It came from a local bike shop. It even fits with 2 mirrors. I don't recall the brand name but it is a heavy duty cruiser bike style. I am sick as a dog but if I get out to the shed I will try to get the name brand for you.


    P.S. He did have to order it. They were out of stock at the time.
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  3. bill green

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    Howdy if you look at www.bikejacket.com This might be what your looking for.. hope this helps ..Bill Green
  4. MoonKS

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    I actually bought a cruiser motorcycle cover at Target for $25 bucks - it's ripstop, waterproof, cinches with ties at the bottom, and has a heatshield area for when the motor is hot. It's a little big but it works like a charm!