Whizzer bilite at Memory Lane Classics

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by MaxGlide, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. MaxGlide

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    HI all,

    Just wondering if anyone knows anything about the Whizzer Light Memory is selling?
    1. Is this an NOS light or a repop?
    2. does it run on the bilite generator?
    3. Has anyone bought the reflective bezel and clips (which is what I am missing)?
    I am basically wondering if I should buy the bezel that goes inside and clips and see if I can fit it into the light I have or just go for the whole light from Memory Lane.
    Does anyone have a vintage headlight that could send me a pic of all the parts so I know what I need to get?

    Thanks..... Wayne

  2. RdKryton

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    I would call Harvey out there at Memory Lane and ask him. They have been straight shooters with me.