Ebay Whizzer Carb And License Plate

Whizzer Carb And License Plate On Ebay


Ahhh.. but I have the real deal and Nobody else in Florida can copy!! :)
If I moved to Fla I guess I would have to settle for WHIZNE5 or WHIZZIE
BTW my bike is named Whizzie

Luck I don't live in Fla, I would be the only one with that WHIZZER plate :LOL:

To get a California M/C plate, besides a yearly registration fee I would have to buy insurance too
I only had to register my bike as a Moped (1 time fee of $23) and I keep the plate in my saddle bags :LOL:
I checked CA. don't personalize Moped plates

If I'm ever asked by a Cop I got the plate, Maybe someday I'll have to mount it

I like my novelty Whizzer plate much better than that Moped plate