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    I know that back in the day people used larger Mikuni carbs on their engines. does any one know what size and models will fit?? I have a rebuilt H engine on the way and Im exploring my options (besides the old tillotson ml5b)

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    I'll try to give you some info to chew on. The later model Whizzer (NE5) had a 26mm carb for a short time when it first came out. They changed back to a 22mm carb and that is still what they have now. The important thing about that is the NE5 has a higher lift cam than the WC-1 which it replaced. The WC-1 had a 17 or 18mm carb if I remember correctly. I guess what I am trying to say is that you will not be able to go very large on a vintage Whizzer because of the lift of the cam and the smaller valves. I don't know if the Carter "N" model carb is larger but that was the carb on the J motor. I believe the vintage Whizzer engines that were able to use bigger carbs also had substantial engine mods too. ie: larger valves and higher lift cams. Maybe one of the vintage Whizzer experts will chime in and correct me if I am mistaken. Good luck

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    I know this is an old post but any help would still be relevant.
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    You can use a Mikuni 18 MM, howver it will require a special slide and needle jet to work correctly on the "H" & "J" motors due to the small valves and the .150" lift camshaft.

    Just a quick correction, the last Whizzers [NE-r and the AMbassador II had 16 MM carburetors], to use the 22 MM was the early Ambassador and the NE5 series.

    The Carter can be used on the "H" motor if the flange is slotted to bolt on the cylinder as the "H" had a closer bolt pattern.

    BTW, the Tillotson ML5B is worth a small fortune [$150.00 to $200.00] if you ever want to sell it.

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  5. Can you measure the carb if it is on the bike?
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    The best area to measure the size of the carburetor is at the "mouth" where it is bolted to the cylinder. I think the 16 MM carburetor used on the later Ambassador and NE-r had the same size air breather boot as the earlier 22 MM version.

    Often the carburetor is rated by the size of the mouth, not the venturi size. For example the 26 MM used on the very early NE motors had a 22 MM venturi, and the 22 MM carburetors had a 19 ++ MM venturi.

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  7. I sort of thought that was the case but I didn't know for sure. Thank you Quenton for clearing that up for me.

    P. S., I failed auto shop in high school. I think it was because that car burst into flames. The timing was off so I adjusted the carburetor.