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  1. chainmaker

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    Can any Whizzer guys recommend a center stand that will allow pedalstarting while stand is down without cranks hitting. I'm using the vintage style cranks.

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    I was looking into this problem awhile back and I can tell you a Whizzer stand won't fit that frame unless perhaps you remove that kickstand cross cylinder. I was looking at something like this online. http://www.walmart.com/ip/M-Wave-Double-Leg-Bicycle-Kickstand/19582678. Not sure if that was the one I was going to buy, but it's similar. Can't say if this will be sturdy enough for a Whizzer or if it will fit. k2-_e47e3248-af4c-4d49-ab8d-ac68ae3863fe.v1.jpg
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    Thanks for the info Chris, I actually have that stand on it now but the pedals hit the legs when it's down...it works for holding the bike up great but I'd like to be able to start the bike while on the stand. I have a 55 frame with just the u shaped crossbar all the way back towards the wheel not the cylinder that goes at an angle. From looking at the Schwinn catalog they list this as a Ballooner but it seems more like a mid weight to me....so maybe the Whizzer stand may work or the EZ Motor stand, I don't have a problem taking the cross bar out and welding in a mount plate for a whizzer stand or a reinforcement bar in front of the stand. This is more of a custom Whizzer, nothing like the great jobs others like yourself go through making them correct.
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    Chainmaker, I have a few ideas you might consider. Clearance issues have been a major headache for both builds I have on this site. If you look at both builds I used a extra wide pedal crank I bought on ebay. They look OK but I'm not crazy about the quality. I'm currently working on putting a dogleg crank on my straight bar. It has crazy clearance on the exhaust side but the chain ring side is tight and will need some bending.
    A crank set from a newer whizzer and a center stand may be the ticket.
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    Use newer whizzer stand and crank and you shouldn't have a problem(they don't). The stands are around $65 new I think...not sure on the crankset
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    Why doesn`t my rear wheel set up in the air when it is on the stand like the one in the picture , it barely clears the ground ? are there different types of stands ? thanx

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    Thanx for responding with a great solution and talking in plain English, very easy to understand . I will try to correct mine now .