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I just recieved one of the last kits from Whizzer. I have never been a fan of any advertised kit, but this one is awesome. They really give you the details & all the stuff to do a complete install. I am truly impressed. I build Zombys/Zombies - The UN-DEAD. I have a parts/pile of the undead carcas' (By the way, if you see a part in my pile that you need PM me & it is yours for the cost of shipping)

Zomby Zack might get me tarred & feathered by my neighbors.

Check this out:




So Zack is going to get a new Power Plant. A 138 cc / 9 cubic inch / Slightly modified Whizzer motor.


This will be my first attempt to improve the Whizzer drivetrain & build something as never before.

Stay Tuned.
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Yes Van, this 2 stroke set up is what ripped my original axle out of the bottom brackets. The NuVinci is SUPER reinforced now with the torsion bars & as you see in the video they hold it well. Problem is the 2 stroke racing clutch engages so hard & at such a high RPM that now it smokes the CVT. I think the Whizzer motor will provide a much smoother engagement and also make it a lot quieter & neighbor-hood friendly. I also think with the NuVinci this bike should have great low end torque & good top end. (Maybe too good)

I need some input on the pulley diameter I should use on my jackshaft. Have the space for a 6 inch. The Stock Whizz set up has a 15 inch rear sheath pulley that will be eliminated. All other pulleys will be used & will have a manual clutch. Keep in mind that this is a 24 inch rear wheel. The sprocket sizes are 16 tooth main drive & a 22 on the wheel. This motor will remain like you see with the only mods being the elimination of the long rear retaining bolts, a little paint & cleaner intake.
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Man My jaw is still on the ground!Nice work!:p:p
Can you post some good close ups of your jack shaft and lets do some gray matter burning.
Zomby, Not sure if I did the math correctly, but hope so. With the stock Whizzer manual clutch system the motor turns 9 times per wheel revolution. If you use a 22 tooth on the wheel, a 16 tooth on the output of the jack shaft, a 2.5" pulley on the flywheel, a clutch with a 5" X 3.5" cone pulley to a 6" jackshaft pulley the final drive ratio is [I think] 4.71 X 1. About double the normal ratio. If you increase the jackshaft pulley to 8" the ratio would be 6.28 X 1. Increase the jackshaft pulley to 10" and end up with 7.85 X 1 [still high but usable for "crusin"]. If you want to end up close to stock ratios [9 X 1] consider cutting down the smaller clutch pulley from 3.5" to 3", reducing the 16 tooth to 10 , and the input jackshaft pulley to 10" [if possible], and the output ratio should be 8.8 X 1. Two other possible areas to consider would be a larger primary clutch pulley [maybe 6"] or go even smaller on the front chain sprocket. I hope these numbers are at least in the ball park. An example would be use a clutch with 6" X 3" pulleys, 6" primary jackshaft pulley, a 12 tooth drive sproket and a 22 tooth on the wheel, and should end up with approx. 8.8 X 1. Hope these numbers are helpful. And just for the record I have a 24" NE Whizzer that has ratios of 6.97 X 1 that I ride on the street. At approx 7 X 1 you have a great highway bike, but as many know it didn't like one of the steep hills this summer at Dawson Springs, KY.

This is what it's gonna look like:




I think changing the main drive to a 10 tooth Jack & using a 6" pulley on the bikes left side will put me in there. Of course the far right side sprocket of this current set up will be gone & the left side pulley would be the driver. This hub is geared very low. If I make these mods this thing will pedal like a double low mountain bike in low range. For real... It goes like a BILLY now. However the NuVinci is like having 21 speeds. AM I JUST INSANE? Or should I JUST DO IT?????
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Not to be

This frame would have to be modified too much to do what I want. The jackshaft is too close to the rear tire & Well I hate to kill this bike just yet. So I'm going to stretch a regular Whizz instead. This bikes on hold untill ?????
I'm sure that whatever you come up with, it will be both amazing and beautiful.
Build on.