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Hello everyone, im a newb when it comes to this forum- i already posted my introduction.

im building my whizzer in to a board track style bike and the controls that came stock on my 05 ne5 are just not good looking. i need an old looking throttle, brake, clutch and compression release, ive been looking at diffrent parts for motorcycles and i just cant figure out what, if anything would work- i dont care for all the electronics on the bike besides the headlight and run switch- wich i was planing on running somewhere else anyway. im still up in the air on a rear light/fender.

any info would be great


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Old style controls

Hi see my bikes, check out my website, and contact me by PM I'm sure I can help you. Use search feature here to look for 08 Racer, 09 Racer, Model 10, and " A privateers chance for glory on the boards" .

I have cloth covered wires, killer kill switches, levers, and other stuff availble.

Primative throttles, nice plain levers, compression release options, AND if you really want it all, complete Board track chassis.

I've also got an early 1900's style saddle, so you could lose the banana seat, they came out in the 1960's not the 'teens.

Here is a pic of my Model 09 Prototype.



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