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Hal the Elder

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6:29 AM
Oct 20, 2008
Since the NE5 has a 12-volt battery, it follows that there must be a Generator to charge it.

Since there's a Generator, then there is no further need for a Magneto to furnish the spark, which would mean that there is now an Electronic Ignition System to furnish a spark once every 720 crankshaft degrees, instead of every 360, as with the Magneto.

So now we're not "wasting" a spark when it's not needed, at the top of the Exhaust stroke!

Have a nice evening, everyone...I'm going to have a Rum & Coke (or 2 or 3) while watching the Election Returns!

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Whizzer Magneto/charging system

Hi Hal, NOPE, An NE5 fires every 360 when the timing tab passes the Hall Effect Transistor.

There is an alternator, with a permanant magnet rotor assembly in the flywheel, rotating around a fixed multi coil stator.

Then off to a relay (instead of a square wave rectifier). thru a voltage regulator, and on to the Battery.

On the ignition side, power (signal) flows to a cdi, and then coil, to fire the plug.