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    Everything you wanted to know about the new edition Whizzer fork seals, but were afraid to ask.

    The majority of new edition Whizzers are the 1999 "Classic" version.

    The fork seals are different on later models.

    The 1999 has 26 MM fork tubes, wheres all later models use 27 MM tubes.

    The 1999 seal has an O.D. of 37 MM, most later units have either 39 MM or the rare 39.5 MM O.D, seals. The size is normally listed on the seal.

    All seals are 10 MM wide [deep].

    Seals can be ordered from many companies [many bearing companies carry seals].

    The Whizzer part number for the 1999 seal is #S1515 and can't be used as a cross reference.

    Only the original 1999 manual details the fork parts. No manuals were produced on 2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006 models.

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    Thanks Quenton, also be sure to see which triple tree top plate you have as there are two version of the fork tubes, see pics, when ordering parts. www.whizzerusa.com

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