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    I am looking to replace an old vintage handlebar on my Whizzer and am wondering where to get a good replacement, or what style? I don't like the original large rounded style. My problem is knowing what style is common. I like the style Quenton uses on his restorations. What style is it? Thanks for any information.

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    Same here,Thought about going to a bicycle shop first.
  3. Traveler

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    Found on Amazon

    I found one on Amazon.com that looks about right.

    "Wald 896 Low-Rise Cruiser Bike Handlebar (26-Inches Wide, Chrome, 3-Inch Rise)" Sports; $11.99
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    That's the style that you'll find on most Whizzers, but I'm not sure about the width. I believe they're 28" wide (which would be the Wald 898). http://www.waldsports.com/index.cfm/898handlebars.html
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    Thanks for the info,but mine appear to have been 26" wide before they were bent in shipping,28" sounds even better.
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    Talked to the Wald Co.after that went to Amazon.com,both bars 896 and 898,26"&28" with shipping a tad over $25.00.Will be able to have the choice of the right fit.
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    I've always liked the Riser bars from the early 1950's...we used 'em on our bicycles, then put 'em on our Whizzers!

    Here's a 1949 shot of two early Whizzers sporting Risers:

    See the young Whizzer rider second from left?

    This is Gary today, about 75-77 years old, still sporting Risers as he cruises across Montana!

    Risers...the most beautiful handlebars ever bolted to a Gooseneck!


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  8. Quenton Guenther

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  9. Traveler

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    Which size handlebar do you use Quenton?
  10. Quenton Guenther

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    I use the #540 from Memory Lane. It is listed as 24". On the vintage Whizzers the controls are long and the #540 allows enough room to mount the control, clutch lever, and a mirror before the bend.

    I have one bike with the #539 [26"] but they are too long and I like the slightly shorter handlebars.

    The #540 is almost the same as the original Schwinn bars used on the 1950 Panther [DX], and the Schwinn Black Phantom [cantilever].

    Have fun,