Whizzer in Santa Monica, CA

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by H20RIDER, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. H20RIDER

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    Hey all - I've been modifying a Whizzer picked up from a guy who couldn't get it to run. Now after having to make new parts, modify others, and jury-rig others, I have new respect for John DeLorean. Sometimes I think it would have been cheaper and easier to buy a custom built Harley! LOL

  2. Mountainman

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    welcome -- hope that THING is up and running soon so you can

    ride that thing
  3. Welcome Whizzer owner

    Hi H20, there is much fun to be had with that Whizzer, including the New Delta Whiz-in coming up in spring, check into the Whizzer catagory here, and do not hesitate to contact me if I can help you. My brother is a Whizzer dealer in Atacadero if that also might help you.

    What kind of Whizzer did you get? I have 05 NE5, wife has 05 NE5 and I have a 47 H motor, and some other stuff,

  4. H20RIDER

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    On the road last night ....Whee-doggies!

    Just last night got it all together...functionally, at least...and terrorized the neighborhood for about half an hour. Originally a W- whatever, I changed the cylinder, head, carb, lifters, and exhaust to beyond NE-5. I added an autoclutch, and then changed the rear hub to a drum brake (not yet as happy with that as I'd like). I added a freewheel and can counter-rotate my pedals now, for easier placement. I added heavier spokes to the rear hub and without thinking it completely through, changed from a 3 cross to a 4 cross lacing on the spokes. The sheave locks no longer fit the same, so I modified those and they function well. I "bobber-ized" the bike some, removing the speedometer, all decals and stickers, and a few other non-essentials. I blacked out most of the chrome, and painted the frame, fenders, etc. olive drab like an old jeep. Oh yeah, i also replaced the inefficient knobbies with higher performance road tires. Even without the clutch being broken in at all, I'm quite pleased with the performance. I have more confidence in the reliability as well. I could probably sell a Whizzer a week without doing anything but riding around town....not because I am a good salesman( I am not a salesman, at all)...but because people are fascinated by Whizzers.
    The saga continues..........