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    One of the best sources for Whizzer information is the newsletter supplied by Terry & Audrey McAllister. The newsletter covers vintage as well as new edition Whizzers. Along with great tips, articles, & pictures from collectors the newsletter lists upcoming events & rides in the mid-west. As an example of the "can't live without" information, the March issue informed me of several shows, meets, & events starting form March 7th to September 12th. The 3rd annual Dawson Springs, KY "Fun Weekend 2009" scheduled for May 21-23, 2009 cornered my attention because of the "Dirt Drags" and the "roller road".

    The newsletter has members across America [and Canada too], and with the free ads, and event calendar it could be a great tool to schedule or announce current rides & events and widen our enjoyment of motorbikes. Often I hear many say "wish I had more people to ride with", well here is your chance to find out about events and rides, and increase your circle of friends.

    While I know the Internet is great for "reaching out" and looking for information, NOTHING beats have the information in print, and arrives every month. Any time I want to know something about Whizzers [and many other brands] I can travel through past issues and most often find the answers I desire.

    This isn't a commercial for the newsletter because at $20.00 per year they certainly don't make a prophet, and I thank them for their dedication to supply us with such a great publication to enrich our lives. I know I can't wait until the next issue is in my mailbox, and I know I will open it right away and read it completely before starting my daily events.

    For anyone interested, although you can call them, why not just join by sending information via email and they will respond with the needed information [and tell ya where to send the $20.00].


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    Thanks for the tip Quentin.
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    I started getting their newsletter in January & it's great!!!
  4. I just joined too. Can't wait for my first issue!!!! Dan