Whizzer NE cylinder kit & parts

I have one NE cylinder kit left in stock and can alter the contents for anyone interested in upgrading their WC-1 Whizzer motor. Some of the options include exchanging the steel for copper head gasket, and or exchanging the piston & rings in on a modified NE cylinder [early] exchange [even trade]. The rings used on the Whizzer motor are really tough and so is the piston, so many don't exchange the piston & rings during the NE upgrade. It is also possible to add $20.00 to the price to re-work the combustion chamber & mill the head .070" for better performance [only one in stock]. If anyone doesn't know the price of the Whizzer NE cylinder upgrade kit, PM me. I also finished modifying the last of the early NE cylinders and they can be used to add a fair amount of horse power to your current NE motor and will sell for slightly less than a new stock NE cylinder, if you need the price PM me. I don't know if I will do any more cylinders anytime soon because I broke several gears in my mill trying to re-work the current production NE cylinders [harder to re-work than the early NE cylinders because of the port angle & intake sleeve]. I am sure the tool company will have to special order the gears and who knows how long that will take [last time over 6 months]. I don't have very many of the special cylinders left, so if you haven't started your winter project yet, here is your chance. Many members of this site are currently using my modified motors, cylinder, heads, exhaust, camshafts, mushroom lifters, & oil breather systems, so ask around about my speed goodies.
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Aug 2, 2007
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1 stock, and 3 modified Whizzer NE cylinders have sold. The modified versions had the 20.8 MM intake port [best for the 22 MM carburetor], Sold all the 26 MM carburetors, high lift camshafts, intake manifolds, milled NE heads, mushroom lifters, hi-flow muffler inserts, and copper head gaskets. I expect more copper head gaskets, NE Heads, intake manifolds, mushroom lifters, and hi-flow muffler inserts in a couple of days. I still have a few of the modified EARLY NE cylinders ready [one - 55/64" intake I.D., one - tapered, and four - 20.8MM intake I.D.].
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