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    I can not find any posts concerning Whizzer Tachs. pegging out against back of peg when power is turned on. Anyone having this proplem other than myself? Wireing seems to be just like it came in the crate. Worked for awhile.
    Is their something I am missing here? Where does the Tach. get its signal from? In dire need for help. Russell

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    Can't help you with the NE-r's,thought Quenton or Mike Notigan would have come by,you can try Ray Meisner, he's a authorized whizzer dealer and knows about the NE-R. www.raydekalb1@frontier.com. Ray
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    Mason man, thanks for your reply. I thought maybe my post was in the wrong place.
    I'm thinking, the tach is getting power,but not a signal. There is a magnetic sender on the flywheel. I removed this, cleaned and remounted it, same thing. Next week,if I don't hear from anyone here, I'll start calling these folks. The man we got this Whizzer from has a very sick wife,and I hate to bother him now with a problem this small. He did say ,he's had problems before with these tachs.
  4. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Russell45,

    There are 4 diffeent Tachometers used on the new edition Whizzers.

    The 99 used a plastic unit to match the plastic speedometer and was larger and had a black face.

    The 2001 to 2004 used a metal unit with a black face to match the metal speedometers on those models.

    All NE5 motors used the same unit only the face was white to match the speedometers used on those models.

    Now the trouble begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Ambassador and NE-r models used a digitial version, whereas the earlier units were analog. The face was white, the case is metal [chrome], and looks exactly like the NE5 versions.

    The DIGITIAL version will not work on the anolag ignitions, and will simply "peg" the dial. I have seen them work for a short time, however the reading was way off. The anolog units will work on the digitial for a short period of time, but the readings were also incorrect.

    The signal is taken from the CDI, and the earlier motors were analog, and the last motors were digitial.

    If you have the correct version, it is possible to find a replacement, but difficult to do so.

    The analog tachometers are now very rare and difficult to find.

    Have fun,
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    Thanks Quenton, the tag says it was built in 10/08. Vin: RF4WMC15 88 P 011285 by Chyong Horng Ent. Should this NE-R be digital or anolog? I don't know which models were early or late. I would like a service manual, but have not ordered one yet. My tach has a white face, with red dial needle. "I am sure the Chinese would not put the wrong tach. on this unit by mistake." If you have the right unit and a service manual, I am all ears. THANKS AGAIN, RUSSELL
    P.S.-- The three wire connector from tach, (the only three wire connector in harness) has red to brown, green to yellow/black, and black to black. This is the only non-color match I have found on the bike. This seemed strange to me.
    I really hate to bother you with this on a Sunday. Will try to give you a ring next week. I need to order some jets for this altitude,(5400 ft.+). I am running a #80 jet now,with the clip in the second groove from top and thinking I might need to go to a #75. I am still getting a lot of popping on low in acceleration. Bike has 170 miles on her. thanks again.
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  6. Quenton Guenther

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    Does your Whizzer have disc brakes?

    The Ambassador and NE-r had disc brakes and a CVT drive. Are the handle bars attached to a "goose" neck or held in place with a plate with 4 bolts? What color is the bike?

    Stock jets were #88 to "92.

    Have fun,
  7. RUSSELL45

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    Quenton, It has disc brakes,CVT drive, handlebars held in place by 4 bolts,color is blacker than inside of a cow. I am at 5400 ft of altitude. With clip in top or second groove down,spark plug has a greyish brown color. Jet is a #80. 170 miles total on bike. Top speed around 30 mph with this set-up.
  8. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Russell45,

    Sure sounds like you have the NE-r. Now down to a few facts concerning some of the NE-r and Ambassador II models. Early versions had a 22 MM carburetor, and sometime in later production the carburetor was down sized to a 16 MM. It is easy to determine which size is on your bike by just looking at the "name" on the side of the carburetor. The earlier 22 MM were made by several companies and the names varied, but always a play on the brand name KEIHIN. Most of the 22 MM versions used the name KIEHAN, however the 16 MM were real KEIHIN caburetors. Of course the 16 MM was the smallest carburetor used on any of the new edition Whizzers, and some of the very early NE motors sported a 26 MM [KENTSE] monster. All my record setting motors use the 26 MM carburetor.

    The factory 16 MM normally had a 78 main jet.

    You should consider checking and adjusting the lifter clearance as it has a major effect in higher alt. The intake should be .006", and the exhaust at .008".

    BTW don't trust the speedometer to be anywhere near correct, as it is set to work with stock 26 X 2.125 tires. The larger tires cause the speedometer to show a much slower speed than actual. It is off by approx. 10%. 30 MPH on speedometer is 33 MPH actual. 40 MPH on speedometer is 44 MPH actual.

    Have fun,
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    Hi Quenton,

    This carb. has KEI (K) HIN on the side. Under this is K T .Below and to the left, is a hexagon with 26 inside it. If this is not a 26 mm, then I want one!
    Let me know if you have one, and a tach.,also a service manual. By the the way, last week I adjusted the valve lash. Exhaust from .015 to .008, intake from .011 to .006. Huge differance, but I am still looking to go faster,if you know what I mean!!!!
    I got these valve adjustments measurements from one of your earlier posts. Just wanted to let you know, your posts are all gooddddddd!
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  10. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Russell45,

    In order for the 26 MM to work the cylinder & head must be re-worked.

    Your carburetor is a 16 MM.

    I have a few of the 26 MM carburetor in stock, however I am not sure I want to sell any of them, and I doubt many would want to pay the HIGH price. They normally sell for $130.00 [what I paid for them]. Be careful, not to buy any listed on EBay as they don't work correctly on the Whizzer motor. They are not setup correctly, and require a new slide, pilot jet, needle jet, and main jet to work close to correct.

    You will need to port the cylinder, mill the head, re-work the mushroom lifters, and match the intake spacer, to get the 26 MM carburetor to work. When completely modified the motors have been known to exceed 70 MPH, however most run in the low to mid 60 MPH range.

    The last service manual was printed on the 1999 model and later manaul were never supplied. Even the 1999, when available were copies of the original 1999 version.

    If you want to send the Tachometer I can test it on my Ambassador to see where the problem is [wiring, Tachometer, Analog vs Digitial, etc].

    I will check it for free, you just need to cover shipping cost both ways.

    Have fun,